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The geography of Chinese power summary

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The geography of Chinese power China has Large territory Large population Large and growing economy All these provides reasons to become an empire. ‘ Empires rarely come about by design, they grow organically’ unlike western 100 years ago, china is enlarging its influence worldwide now not by missioners and ideological spreading, but by its need to secure energy and other strategic resources for its big economy and enormous population. Thus, china built good refashions hips with energy rich countries. Now in the view of Beijing are – Central Asia, South Asia sea, Russian

Par East, Indian Ocean and etc__ Gaining – Trick shrugs (45% of gaining population) – rich Of Oil and gas – the pipeline from Astrakhan goes through gaining Tibet – Dalai Lama supported by India .

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The geography of Chinese power summary
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Rich of copper and iron – strategic border with India *china and India are destined by geography to by enemies Mongolia and Russian Far East – small population – rich of natural resources and grass – once was Chinese territory, so china may attack them back by investing in resources explorer, migration and army invention (crazy thinking if stupid

Americans) Manner: – no resources – but now china and India are condition on the building of port and pipeline for see oil Thailand – less less role Malaysia and Singapore – a lot of Chinese ethnicity Indonesia – against china and follows USA China uses SEAN ( association Of south East Asian nations) for its own benefits in trading in this region Korean Peninsula China would like to see reunited Korea (even With dominated south Sell) cause: – the reunited Korea will not need American support and more likely to be together with china against Japan .

Usability of economic takeover of the Tune river region – where china, Russia and Korea can meet and build a port. Army. China has the largest army in the world (I _6 million) but doesn’t use it for intervention, only for earthquakes and Olympic Games… China is building navy. The first island chain: Korean Peninsula, kuris island, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia. Australia – all have disputed except Australia. China is not confident enough to build a sea empire through trading (like Venice somewhere) and has tot enough military force to control the territory is claimed.

It caused sometimes awkward incidents. China can build a navy comparable to LISA in 15 years Taiwan – the same ethnicity – close relations in economics, tourism, exports – USA and Taipei: make it too costly for china to attack Taiwan What can USA do: 1 , increasing its presence in Chinese first island chain (seems difficult due to the crisis and Chinese navy growth) 2, defense agreement with Asia countries ( difficult because local people don’t like the presence of foreign armies in home anymore)

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