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Why Geography Is Important

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Steffy John 4th period Mr. Hudson DBQ- Why Study Geography? Math, science, reading, and writing are some of the main core subjects that most kids think are most important and valuable than the subject geography. Sometimes we say that geography is not that important to kids like us and that we don’t need to worry about it as much. That’s when some of us ask, what is the value of geography to modern kids like us today?

There are three reasonable answers to it which is: Americans are bad at geography; without geography, a bad future would become the result; and why we need geography.

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Why Geography Is Important
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The first reason to why it is valuable to us these days is because Americans these days are bad at geography. There are a lot of people that can’t even answer to geographic questions that they should know and that they also don’t know specific places on the map. Geography is a weak subject to many Americans (Doc 2) and it is not that popular of a subject.

0% of young adults don’t think geographic knowledge is necessary (Doc 5). This could possibly mean that the next generations will also be bad at it and it won’t be that important to learn about and how our world will work. Most people even say that they don’t even need it (Doc 1) but we come across it every day. It does have value because it affects your life as you get older and people should know more about it when situations with geography come around. Another reason why it should be valuable is because if we don’t study geography, we will all have a bad future.

Geography is important to know because young adults are not prepared for global future (Doc 5). If we don’t ready ourselves for what will come at us in the future, we could possibly get into tough situations and we might even have to defend ourselves one day. Geography plays a role when we are having relationships with other foreign countries and how we depend on them for resources and other things too. Understanding foreign cultures is important for effective teamwork (Doc 2). To have teamwork with other countries, we must have globalization to ake our relationships stronger and dependable. If we don’t succeed at globalization, our economy will decline (Doc 4). That could lead to serious problems like people losing everything they have because loss of jobs, companies getting destroyed, and other things like that. The last reason is why we need it. We need geography because it helps you understand the world today (Doc 4). Without knowing anything about the world, we would not know about any of the things that go on in the world today.

Geography is also the base of everything and all subjects are connected to it; therefore it is necessary (Doc 6). Geography is needed and is used every day for everything we do. We use geography all the time but we don’t even realize it. If we remain in global power, children need to understand it better. As I have mentioned before, we need to be prepared for what will happen to us in the future because we are going to start taking over the country and will strengthen our knowledge of geography for that.

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