Movie Review: Centurion Sample

I chose this film because it was about the Romans which I enjoy analyzing. I besides enjoy films about war. There was tonss of blood such the reappraisals told. The reappraisal on this move were positive except for the 1s speaking about how the film was rather historically inaccurate. This film was slackly based on the slaughter of the 9th host and centered on the supposed disappearing of the Ninth Legion in Caledonia in AD 117. The 9th host was commanded by Quintus Petillius Cerialis originally. but in the film it is shown that it was foremost commanded by General Virilus before being captured and taken over by Quintus Dias. The 9th host had a sum of about 5. 000 work forces. but it is improbable that Quintus called all of them on such short notice since they were seeking to alleviate the besieging on Britain.

He likely called on the first unit and possibly some others. This would hold totaled to be approximately 2. 500- 3. 000. They went to contend the Caledonians or in other words. the Picts who lived in Britain. The Picts were extremely trained and ruthless. The Romans have defeated them every bit good as they have defeated the Romans. The host was defeated by these British folks pass overing out the full foot. Tacitus writes that Quintus and his work forces escaped though which is what this film is based upon. This onslaught is a important even. but it was non good recorded. The managers could merely establish the film on what is recorder doing most of this film incorrect.

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One of the major subjects is trust and treachery. The characters in the films had many instances where their trust with other people disintegrated. For illustration. the Romans trusted Etain to assist them with runing down the Picts. It turns out that really the Picts sent her to Rome to derive their trust. so she could take them right into the Pict’s trap. She wants retaliation because the Roman ground forcess killed and raped her household and so cut out her lingua. Another illustration would be when Thax cuts Macros’s leg. Since he is unable to walk. Thax can run off from the group of wolfs while they attack and eat Macro. Another subject would be that cipher gets left buttocks. The group of lasting soldiers invariably attempts and stays together even when 1 is hurt and is falling behind. For illustration. when Tarak breaks his leg. they still seek and transport him even though the Picts are right behind them. If he hadn’t got shooting. so I believe that they would hold still tried to acquire him home alive. Another illustration would be when they try and save the General. Even though. they did non salvage him. they still tried and risked acquiring killed which most of them did.

The film affected me personally by demoing me that you truly can’t trust even the people who are stopping points to you. This is shown in the film from Thax’s treachery. In some parts. I flinched and gasped which should me that I’m really rather emotional even towards films. The relevancy of this film on today’s society would be the fact that there were two treasonists. We now a twenty-four hours still have people who are seeking to “help” our government/army that are assisting another state. We merely do non cognize it yet. I believe the film did a great occupation in reflecting the subject of the slaughter. They did non hold much to work with since it was non good plenty recorded. They added their ain turn by adding a little love narrative at the terminal between Quintus and the “witch” . Arianne. If they did non take this licence. they would hold non had a narrative to state. They had to add in Etain. so they could hold a better plot line. I personally enjoyed this film and would lief watch it once more. I particularly like the portion when Quintus kills Etain and lays her down easy as if he is sort to her. She was practically the greatest huntsman of the clip. I find it sad at the terminal though that Bothos is killed right at the wall because they thought he was a Pict and when Quintus is about killed because the Romans do non desire anyone else cognizing of their failure.

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