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The Importance of Orders

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    The United States Army is a professional organization and many things contribute to it being so. One of the main factors contributing to the Army keeping its professional standard is order. Order helps keep the Army functional and keeps it organized so that we may stay above the civilian world standards. What is order? Order is usually a command given by a superior. We are taught from the beginning of basic training that you do what you’re told to do by senior personnel.

    You are not supposed to question their authority even if you doubt their abilities or choice of their command, be it may be right or maybe wrong. You just do what you’re told when told. Us as privates better know it as, salute and execute. When higher ranking personnel give orders they are more than likely for a good reason. The orders are passed down the hierarchy of ranks and are expected to be executed with no questions, back talk and or abruptions. Orders are not given just so that the one giving them can hear themselves talk.

    They are given so that the consequences of given orders benefit us and mold us into better soldiers. For example, if we do something against our sergeant’s orders, we receive corrective training. We do not get the corrective training just because we think our sergeant does not like us. We receive corrective training so that we may learn from our mistakes so that we can see the importance of orders. Order also gives you a sense of direction. It tells you what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, how it needs to be done and by whom does it need to be done.

    Any plan is better than no plan…. even if you don’t like the orders. These are the things that have been tried and proven to work. Even what we may think are considered the worst order, if it is followed to the tip, it has a better chance of success than a good order not carried out fully. Following orders is essential to the proper operation of the Army. Orders are called orders because that is exactly what they are, not suggestions. In the heat of battle, following orders saves lives. There is no time to think it through or suggest other options.

    Your sergeant gives an order and he expects it to be followed as well as when you might give an order to your fellow battle buddies. That is one reason why basic training seems so scary to some people because they know they will have a power struggle with the drill sergeants. It’s all about submitting your own free will to the good of others. If an order is not followed, the results of delay or disobedience could be as serious as causing the death of a squad to something as small as the floor being dirty when the first sergeant comes because you didn’t vacuum it.

    The simple point is orders are given for a reason. They are given to teach proper order so that when given an order one will obey that order. If everyone didn’t follow orders how would you expect to win the battles that are to be fought? When we enlist into the services of the Army, Air-force, Navy and Marines, we must recite an oath. In the oath, we as individuals promise to follow the orders of the president and the officers appointed above us. This oath is a promise stating that you will follow their orders and is promised to country and God.

    The oath to me is my promise to my country and my god that i will follow the orders of my leaders and perform my duties to the best of my abilities. That is what a real soldier does. There are many reasons why a soldier should follow the orders they are given and every single one is important. An order is a task given to a soldier of something that needs to be done in a timely and efficient manner. The three main reasons why it is important for a soldier to follow the orders they are given is to be combat effective, disciplined, and to just be a good soldier.

    When a soldier doesn’t follow the orders they are given in not only hurts themselves but it hurts the team and the goals of the mission. When the mission objectives are hurt by not following orders this weakens everything that is necessary to win the war. If a soldier doesn’t follow orders while in a combat zone this makes them combat ineffective and when a one single soldier in a unit doesn’t follow orders well, this slows down the progress of winning by making the leaders deal with a soldier who can’t help with the workload of the unit.

    For example if a NCO tells a private to prepare a vehicle for something like that before they roll out for mission the NCO is telling the private to get the vehicle or whatever ready so they can be ready and help with the fight even if the private doesn’t know why they are being told why they are doing this the soldier needs to execute the order without question. When a soldier executes an order quickly and to standard they help with the effectiveness of the unit even if they don’t know it because every single soldier is important to winning the war and a soldier that is able to follow orders and xecute them effectively and to standard they strengthen the unit and increase the moral of the unit by making it to where the leadership doesn’t have to worry about if that soldier is going to do that right and this relieves tension from the leaders and other members in the unit because then the work is evenly spread out and everyone works like a team to get the job done quickly and to standard Imagine being the head soldier during a time of war. It sounds cool because you are in control. You are giving orders to people lower rank than you and they make moves on your command.

    Now imagine if the soldiers you were giving orders to didn’t respond to your orders. They just did their own thing and just blew you off not taking your words into consideration. It doesn’t sound so cool anymore does it. So now you being the one the orders are being told to, take that into consideration. SFC Jones gave you direct orders to stay behind and guard the shelters. You decided to move out and do your own thing and now what? Now, the soldiers that were in the shelter are now dead thanks to you disobeying direct orders.

    On top of that, you are more than likely going to get chewed out for disobeying direct orders and possibly receive a UMCJ and lose rank. See how not following orders can have such impact. Not only can it affect you, but can affect others around you. But first, if you ever want to be in such a demanding position you must become a leader and in order to become a leader you must understand the concepts of order. If you do not ever learn how to follow orders you will never be trusted to give them. So as you can see, order and following orders plays an effective and important role in being a good soldier in the United States Army.

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