The Exceptionally Significant Importance of Stories – Secret Life of Bees

Stories have an extremely important effect on the lives and the characters in the novel entitled, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kid. This book is about a young 14 year old girl named Lily Owens. She has to go through life knowing that she killed her mother and that her father loathes her. She runs away form home and breaks her friend Rosalie out of the hospital.

They finally find a home, based on the clues that Lily’s mother left behind, and moves in with a family that accepts her for who she is ether than what she has to do, she can express her individuality. She gets a different look at the world and can see how stories, discrimination and family dynamics are important and valued differently. The stories in this book have three major functions in setting the stage for a good novel. They are: stories can be interpreted in many ways, stories can help people escape reality, and stories can have a lasting impact.

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What makes a good story interesting is that it can be interpreted anyway that the reader wants to. There are many things that are up for elucidation in the book The Secret Life of Bees. For instance, throughout the whole book Lily struggles with the story that she had shot her mother. Her quest throughout the entire book is to seek justice for her mother’s memory. She does not and has never known know her mother, so she wants to find people that have met her mother or have known her mother in the past.

T. Ray is the first person to tell Lily that she actually killed her own mother. When she finds this out [her mother’s pasting], she then resents T. Ray an exceeding amount after this news is understood to her. As a result, she does not live T. Ray and Lily runs away from home and starts her adventure. Stories are also a great way to help people to escape the everyday hardships of life. A great example of this is stated by August in The Secret Life of Bees.

She says, Mimi can hear silent thing on the other side of the everyday world that nobody else can” (144). This shows how August can find a getaway from anything that she is not comfortable with. She can leave her world of reality when life Just gets too hectic and she uses stories from her past to comfort her in her time of need. Similarly, Lily uses the Boatswain’s as an escape from T-Ray and his abuses. She lives in a “fantasy world”, as Rosalie (Lily’s closest emotional friend) puts it.

She hides from the pain of the world with the Podiatrist’s and is happy until she has to come out into reality. The most important part of a story is the lasting impact that it leaves on someone or something. The best example of this is when May dies. When August says, “We’ve lost her”, (146) it really sinks in that there is no real way for there to be not pain in the world. After Mays death has occurred it opens the way for all of the grief that Lily is storing up inside of her to come out.

Furthermore, the story of Lily’s mother stays with her and is the main plot in the entire book. The lasting effect is that Lily tries to find out every last piece of information about her mother. In conclusion, stories have an extremely important and significant effect on the elves Ana ten snatchers In ten novel. Amongst teem are toner major Tunnels, stories can be interpreted in many ways, stories can help people escape reality, and Tories can have a lasting impact. Lily and her companions deal with stories and use stories in every chapter of this book.

Without stories in this novel, the entire plot line would fall apart and there would be no real meaning or purpose to the book. I have never shared this story with anyone except for my classmates and family. I enjoyed the story because it used vivid imagery to paint a mental picture of the events taking place. I can relate to this story because it reminded me of my old dog before he was put to sleep. It was a very enriching experience to be in front of the entire class; it helped me develop my public speaking skills.

I was very nervous at first when telling my story, but as I got into it I began to lighten up and things seemed to flow easier for me. I think that I told the story fairly well, I did feel an emotional connection to the story which helped a lot. This wasn’t really natural for me to tell this story, but if I had experienced it would have been easier. I did find myself getting into the story and I did change some parts of it where I felt it needed improvement. The majority of my classmates felt sad after hearing my story and some even cried.

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