The Inheritor and Saving Eves Life

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In the short story The Drover’s Wife by Henry Lawson, the protagonist saves a ewe from a dingo attack, putting himself at risk. The man’s decision to save the sheep can be seen as an act of kindness, but also as a biblical symbol of the sacredness of the animal. The man’s battle with the dingo represents his internal struggle between his pity for the ewe and the need to protect himself. He eventually defeats the dingo through calmness and the element of surprise. The significance of the allusion to the golden fleece is that the man wanted to keep the ewe as a symbol, as it is considered sacred in the Catholic religion. The author uses this to show that people value expensive and sacred things.

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I think this because he was able to save the ewes life, in which it did nothing for him. But if you look at it another way, biblically, the man saved the ewe, which is sacred, and in return, god helped him survive by being spotted by the army helicopter.  In the beginning of the story, the mans initial thought was that he was going to look at the situation with a practical eye (pig 55). Then when he saw the dingo watching the ewe, he felt relived because he must of felt that the ingot was not interested in attacking him.

His dilemma consists Of him feeling pity for the sheep. He did not want the sheep to die, but if that were to happen, he would have to risk himself. He thought that eventually the dingo will kill the ewe, but the flood would cause no other organisms to be there for the dingo to eat. Eventually he would be attacked. The man was able to defeat the dingo because he knew that the dingo could not maintain the high ground forever. He stayed close to the ewe, but not too close as he would frighten it. So that he would not be surprised from n attack, he decided to go right in front of the dingo, eye to eye.

He suddenly rose up his arms and shouted. He caught the dingo off guard, and the man was able to get on top of it. He choked it until it could breath anymore. He was superior to his opponent because he was able to use the element of surprise, and he was much more calm.  The significance of the allusion to the golden fleece is that the man wanted to keep the ewe as an symbol. First of all, in the Catholic religion, a sheep is considered sacred, so the author made it sound like it was made of old. This is relevant because people like expensive things, as it is sacred to them.

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