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The Job Specification Assignment

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    Question 1 The following assignment will see me look at two job adverts both related to sport. The first job specification is based in the public sector at the University of Warwick as a Greater Warwickshire Sport Partnership Community Sport Manager. The second job specification in based in the private sector as a Club Manager in Living well. Henry Fayol states that management as a number of functions those being 1 Planning – This involves setting objectives and also the strategies, policies, programmes and procedures for achieving them. Organising – Managers set tasks which need to be performed if the business is to achieve its objectives. Jobs need to be organised within sections or departments and authority needs to be delegated so jobs are carried out.

    This involves giving instructions to subordinates to carry out tasks. The manager has the authority to make decisions and the responsibility to see tasks are carried out. Co-ordinating – this is the bringing together of the activities of people within the business. Individuals and groups will have their own goals, which may be different to those of the business and each other. Management must make sure that there is a common approach, so that the company’s goals achieved. 5 Controlling – Managers measure and correct the activities of individuals and groups, to make sure that their performances fits in with plans.The principles of management and leadership that outlined in the job specification for the job at the University of Warwick Public sector the first is good communication skills as it states that the candidate will be working with local partners to nature the creation of local sport networks.

    This would mean that the candidate needs to be able to talk to a number of different people and be able to use the information given by each person effectively. They would need to be able to work in and with other teams of people, as it states “to ensure effective partnership working” and “Work with local partners to nurture the creation of Local Sport Networks” so this means that the applicant must be good with people and know how to talk to people. Henry Fayol states that managers need to be able to plan and this is stated in the advert where they say “healthy living networks and physical activity partnerships to ensure joint strategic planning between the sport sector”.This means that the applicant needs to be able to plan for the future and this links with what Fayol says that managers also need to be organised and this is outlined in the advert where they say “Organise appropriate training and development opportunities for individuals working across the Greater Warwickshire Sports Partnership” to make sure the that the project will be done in time and to plan for contingences you need to organise who is doing what and at what time and how long they have to do it.

    The applicant must be able to co-ordinate as the advert states “ensure they are effective and inclusive in co-ordinating the development and delivery of sport”. The management qualities outlined in the second job specification are quite similar to the first one as when you first read it you see the words “communicates effectively” so this means that the applicant must be able to communicate this skill is less imperative if the they can not work in a team as it states in the advert that “Establishes communication practices and channels including developing and participating in team/cluster meetings”.The advert outlines that the applicant needs to be able to commanding as it says “Ensure all areas of the club are regularly checked and maintained in line with required standards” as the manager needs to make sure this job is getting done and for this to happen they need to tell someone.

    When applying for this job you need to ask yourself if you are organised as you need to “monitor and record financial results against plan, producing reports on performance as required” being the manager you need to set the tasks that need to be done and when producing financial reports things need to be done properly as any little mistake can make lead to everything else being wrong.An important attributes needed for this job would be being resources full and imaginative as they say you need to “put forward recommendations to the Cluster Manager on changes to the club which would enhance the facilities, improve revenue, maximise secondary spend or reduce costs”. This shows that the applicant must have ideas on make the club “bigger and better”.

    The applicant would also need to know about Human Resources as it states in the advert “responsible for the recruitment of team members” so this means that the are recruiting people so the need to know the procedures for recruitment, being a manager they would also need to know the regulations for work such things as maternity leave for women and paternity leave for men. They also need to have some customer service as they state “ensure that club members and guest receive an efficient, friendly, consistent and personalised from all tem members”.Question 2 The two have a number of similarities and different requirements, the first similarity being that are both looking for the best coach in their sector as the grade for the public sector is a grade 7 job and the private sector job for a profitable business so they want the best in the field.

    One of the main similarities between the two jobs is that they both require someone with good communication skills as both in the advert mention this more than once in their adverts.This is to be expected as they applicant will be working with both people within the business as they have to work with in teams and thy will be dealing with the public so the need to be able o talk to people. The second similarity between the two is that they both require someone that is able to organise not just themselves but other people and they need to be able to organise projects for the public sector and financial reports for the private sector job both require large amounts of organisation.A third similarity between the two jobs is that they both require someone that is able to control as both have subordinates under them so they need to be able to look after and control a number of people to make sure that they meet the standards of the business.

    The main difference between the two job specifications is that the public sector job doesn’t require the applicant to have any business knowledge where as the private sector job requires the applicant to have a wide of business knowledge and a large amount of financial knowledge and experience in preparing financial reports and surveys.The second is that the public sector applicant is being hired to provide just a service for people where as the private sector job applicant is being hired to provide a service a long with making a profit for the company. As they are a private company they do not receive any financial help from the government so all the money they make or spend is the money they have made from the business that is why they need to be profitable as they rely on this to make sure the business keeps going and doesn’t go bust.A third difference is that Managers in the public sector must be aware that public sector provision may be influenced by pressure groups, trade unions, local press, etc.

    The main reasons for these differences is that they are both in different sectors one in the public and one in the private sector. Personal Statement – Warwick University The reason for me choosing to apply for this job is that I feel that there is more to this job than just the sports side of it.I feel that it will allow to me to bring out the best in people in the local community. Qualifying from University has helped me develop a number of skills the first being able to adapt to different settings and surroundings. I have also leant how to manage my time and this is an essential skill to have when you are a manager.

    Going to University has all so helped me to develop my team working skills in the academic sense.As general have the ability to work in teams as i am a very keen footballer and I also play cricket at a high level which allows me to show my leadership qualities as I am captain for my respective teams. University has also helped me to improve my communication skills as you meet a lot of people and you are talking to different types of people each and every day and this is a daily routine for a manager interacting with different types of people everyday.I also feel I am suit able for this job because you are asking for someone to organise training and development for people.

    I have past experience in this as I have coached for 5 years at my cricket and football clubs and this had me working with kids and adults and it thought me that you all ways need to plan session but all ways be ready in case you plan doesn’t work so you need to be able to think on your feet. To manager you need to be able to think on you feet to come up with new ideas for the business and I feel I have this in abundances.I am very financially organized as going to university you need this skill and this is stated in the adverts as you need some one to raise money and look after money and I fell I have enough ideas to rise money and save money and I feel these ideas are of a high standard and are certain to be a success. I say this because I am a great believer in my own capabilities and to be a good manager you need to have self confidence and this is what I am all about.

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