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Delivering a clear message about your product will also enhance your ability to promote the product. Performing effective promotions might drive sponsorships from possible strategic partners Special rumination campaigns can also be initiated in which events such as basketball, football and other games will be sponsored by the company. As a part of promotion special offers, consumers will be made offers such as Buy Two Get One Free, Bulk discounts etc. Ill be offered. The overall aim behind this plan is to set up strong marketing plate form and to align the product with the goals and objectives of a company that will provide a quality product to satisfy consumer requirements around the globe. Exercise equipment: In developing a promotions strategy for gym equipment the market will have o be segmented and analyzed according to the needs of the men and women.

For instance it can be segmented according to those who want to lose weight and have a great shape and those who want to maintain an active life and their health status between the ages of eighteen to sixty. These two market segments have different needs and therefore would require different target marketing approaches to attract them to the gym. In the market segments of those who want to remain fit, advertising, sales promotion, and digital marketing promotions are most appropriate to be used.

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Advertisements can be put in business directories and fitness magazines this is especially to attract the busy corporate person who is office bound. Sales promotions can be also through loyalty programs such as having extra free services like massages at the gym for loyal customers, giving discount packages to the members, waiving membership fees a limited number of time where members are supposed to bring their friends and work out for free, or even have a fitness fair where the gym show cases what it has to offer to potential customers.

An online marketing strategy would also entail email marketing by sending out newsletters to members and other potential customers who would have visited the gym, marketing through social media such as Backbone, twitter and Linked and having a website and through search engine optimization. The gym will be positioned in the market as a state of the art gym with highly trained instructors to guide the clients through a healthy active lifestyle. It could for instance have a brand name such as “Keep Fit and Fabulous”.

This brand will seek to position the gym as a gig state of the art gym where every Woman who wants to keep fit and healthy should go. Comparing and contrasting the two Promotional strategies: In the above promotional strategies both seek to identify the different market segments within their target market in order to develop effective promotions tool that work for each. In each of the promotional strategies sales promotional, advertising and digital marketing have been used. Sales promotion is effective for both markets since it helps in increasing sales in markets that are fraught with stiff competition.

It also introduces the products been promoted in an objective manner to consumers and has the highest probability of increasing sales that any other strategy. Sales promotions also help keep old customers while acquiring new ones. The advertising promotions are to reach out to a wider market base that may not be normally reached through sales promotion efforts. It also shows cases the potential customer what the products can offer them and in what ways they will be able to benefit either from the dog food or gym membership.

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