The Meaning of Life: Kurt Baier

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I strongly disagree with Baier’s belief that life has purpose in the absence of a “supreme being” .

Kurt Baier provinces there is two senses of the word “purpose” . The first. ego generated. intending people themselves sets their ends and the 2nd is an externally imposed intent. which are arranged by worlds. Baier focuses chiefly on the scientific significance of life. He states. ” It must be admitted that there is a absolutely natural reading of the inquiry. “What is the significance of life? ” on which my position really proved that life has no significance? : if we except the accounts of natural scientific discipline. we can non believe that populating beings have appeared on Earth in conformity with the deliberate program of some intelligent being. ” ( 221 )

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He besides states. “I fishy that many who reject the scientific mentality because it involves the loss of intent of life. and hence significance. are guilty of a confusion between the two senses of “purpose” merely distinguished. ” ( 221 ) Although scientists can purportedly track the creative activity of the universe about as far back as the beginning of clip. they are still unable to find “what” caused the “Big Bang” . Scientists have made theories about the existence. and still to this twenty-four hours. their theories about the existence have been proven incorrect.

These statements are holier-than-thou and I believe. coincide with 1 Timothy 6: “9People who want to acquire rich autumn into enticement and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge work forces into ruin and devastation. ” ( Holy Bible King James Version ( KJV ) ) Baier does non advert God’s intent for us in his definitions. I believe Baier and anyone else who agree with this thesis demand to mention back to the Bible. Our replies to our being can be found at that place.

First. where did we come from? It is written in Genesis 1: . “ ( 27 ) So God created adult male in his ain image? Second. after our being. what are we to make? Mention to Genesis ( 28 ) ? and God said unto them. be fruitful. and multiply. and refill the Earth. and subdue it…” ( KJV ) God put us here to populate with love. peace. and forgiveness. keep the universe in which He created for us. and most significantly. to be grateful of His gifts. and to populate by His jurisprudence. He gave us power and cognition over all other beings. He besides gave us the gift of ageless life through Jesus Christ.

Now that you know where we came from. what is the “purpose” for our being? Again. the replies can be found in the Bible for our basic grounds for being. “He [ God ] made from one every state of world to populate on all the face of the Earth. holding determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation. that they would seek God. ” Everyone in the universe have stemmed from Adam because God made him. God brought each of us into the universe as his kids.

God decides when we enter the universe at our specific times and when He takes each of us off at our appointive clip. “In Your book were all written the yearss that were ordained for me” ( Psalm 139:16 ) ( KJV. 213 ) . God put us in the universe. in the peculiar state. province. and metropolis in which we live. He put us here for a ground. We are to seek Him. That is. we are to look to Him. pray to Him. worship Him. and seek advocate and comfort from Him. “Seek the Lord while He may be found ; name upon Him while He is near” ( Isaiah 55:6 ) . ”

I believe after all who seek God for their intent ; they will be able to obtain the reply to their intent. Populating our lives for our “everyday” occupations and manner of life. we may ne’er happen the reply and even worse turn further off from God. Peoples have become so dependent on the pandemonium and demands of “everyday” life. which I believe. relate to Baier’s significances of the word “purpose” . Harmonizing to the New Testament. the book of John. 15:5. provinces. ” ? apart from me you can make nil. ” ( KJV ) The people who find their lives meaningless are the 1s who have set their lives and Black Marias on the fillip gifts God has given such as. kids. celebrity. wealth. nutrient and shelter.

In 1 Timothy 6: “7For we brought nil into the universe. and we can take nil out of it. 8But if we have nutrient and vesture. we will be content with that. ? 10For the love of money is a root of all sorts of immorality. ” These are the things that drive people presents. Peoples focus excessively much on “human” desires. wants. and needs. ” Peoples need to concentrate on God’s demand for them instead than their ain personal desires.

Baier claims. ” Without God. human life may still hold significance. ” ( 214 ) Without God. there would be no being. Peoples avoid God because society does all in its power to deter belief in God. Peoples have exchanged the glorification of the incorruptible God for an image in the signifier of bribable adult male. A celebrated quotation mark to Baier and his trusters by Ashleigh Brilliant. “Life may hold no significance. Or even worse. it may hold a significance of which you disapprove. ” Search for your quest within the Lord. and He will give you the ground for your “purpose” . non Baier.

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