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The Mystery of the Terrified Teacher

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“The Mystery Of The Terrified Teacher”
The Terrified Teacher

Rafe : “You’re going to do what?”

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The Mystery of the Terrified Teacher
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( Rafe Lim face was a picture of disbelief . His real name was Rafferty , but everyone called him Rafe. He was so handsome he looked like a member of a boy band. Rafe wore a Calvein Klein shirt over slim-fitting jeans.)
His girlfriends , Mars Wong, met his gaze across the table smart Italian coffee shop where they were having a leisurely Saturday breakfast.

Mars: “I’m going to find a girl for Alvin,” she repeated
(mars was wearing a loose pink chiffon blouse over leggings , her feet tucked into high heeled slips-ons.

Rafe: “But he’s got one,” Rafe protested.
Mars: “Oh?” Mars arched an eyebrow sceptically. “and where is she?”
Rafe: “You know Tai is in France,” Rafe snapped.
Mars: “Exactly,” Mars retorted. “that’s why he needs a girl here. Now!”( she leaned her voice and leaned closer .) “Anyhow, we both know that Alvin and Tai can’t have a relationship.

Tai is the Snake daughter and the Snake killed Alvin’s father . When Alvin’s mum finds out about her, she’ll hate her. She’ll forbid Alvin from seeing her. So will Sergeant Soo. He’ll be furious if Alvin has a gangster daughter for a girlfriend. (Mars rolled her eyes. ) Honestly Rafe I don’t think Alvin has even thought the trouble he’s going to cause.
Rafe: I’m sure he has, said Rafe solemly.
Mars: “Anyhow, Tai has been away for weeks”, Mars went on. “months even ….”( She tapped the table with a finger.) “And what’s more, she hasn’t bothered to phone him”. Not once! She’s so sneaky she’s probably gots lots of new boyfriends and Alvin wouldn’t know.”
Rafe: “It’s none of your business,” Rafe began, but Mars interrupted.
Mars: “Rafe, you’re Alvin’s best friend. Haven’t you seen the ways he looks? I’ve never seen anyone so moody and depressed.
Rafe: “Alvin always looks like that. He’s worried we mightn’t get any more mysteries to solve.”
Mars: “That is just shallow. It’s just.

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