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The Nestle’s Company

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Sec: BA 3Y2-1 Prof. : Sir Gutierrez 1. What are the Responsibilities of companies in this or similar situations ? The Nestle’s Company does believe that infant formula has a vitual role in proper infant nutrition as a supplement,when the infant needs nutritionally adequate and appropriate foods in addition to breast milk,and as a substitute for breast feeding when a mother cannot or chooses not to breastfeed.

Also the company supports the WHO (World Health Organization) code the company should promote breast feeding and maintain a constructive dialogue with governments and health professionals in all countries.

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2. What could Nestle’s have done to have avoided the accusations of “Killing Third World Babies” and still market its product ? The Nestle’s company should always maintain its share of the Third World Infant formula market. The company should always be aware of what is happening on their consumers so that they wont be accused of “Killing Third World Babies”. . After Nestle’s Experience,how do you suggest it or any other company can proect itself in the future ? Every company should be aware of their products that they are selling and it should pass all yhe safety examinations so that it will be safe to everyone.

In that way a lot of companies can protect itself in the near future. 4. Assume you are the one who hadto make the final decision on ehether or not to promote and market NestleBaby Formula in Third World Countries ?

For me ,I will still promote and market the Nestle baby formula in third world countries,so that it will reduce transfer the contamination of sickness from mother to their baby in the way that they wont have to breast feed whenever they are sick. 5. What advice should you give to Nestle now in light of the new problem of HIV infection being spread via Mothers Milk ? As we all know breast feeding is still best for babies,but if the mother is infected of HIV,it is more safe by giving bottle feed for the babies when the mother is sick so that the babies will be safe and away from sickness.

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The Nestle’s Company. (2017, Jan 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-nestles-company/

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