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Essay About Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency

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    While a president’s inauguration and impacts remain questionable for some, Thomas Jefferson’s presidency left inarguably one of the biggest legacy for the new nation. This great Founding Father helped discover America’s greatest potentials with his own thoughts and actions. He left peace, liberty and a great deal of land for the country to help with agriculture and space. The Louisiana purchase helped the nation grow and expand. His proposal of the Kentucky Resolution of 1789 also granted every American the freedom of speech.

    Jefferson’s involvement in the Louisiana purchase changed the United States for the better. With this new piece of land, it helped almost double the size of the country and gave us permission to use the Mississippi river as a main trade route. Before, the Mississippi River was controlled by Spain and France, but now western farmers are able to ship their products to the port of New Orleans without any restrictions. This vast purchase showed other countries it’s capabilities of expanding and standing up for what they believed in.

    As the country progresses and grows, Jefferson notices the citizens increasing tensions pertaining the government’s control and involvement. Regarding these concerns, he insures that any social class has the same rights. His strict interpretation on states rights rather than a strong national government led many of his followers to vote for him. With this mindset, he and his committee of five draft the Declaration of Independence. It not only broke connections off with Great Britain, but also assured “that all men are created equal” with individual rights and liberties.

    This successful president also proposed the Kentucky Resolution of 1879 which mainly encompassed his thoughts on the Alien & Sedition Act passed by former president, John Adams. Jefferson persisted on preserving every man’s right for freedom of speech and knew the universal alarm it rang throughout the country. People were apprehensive to express their concepts since the government prohibited them to do so. Again, he argued that the federal government had too much authority over matters that weren’t specifically stated in the constitution. Hence, Jefferson takes these considerations and uses his powers to write the Kentucky Resolution, deeming the previous acts unconstitutional.

    Nevertheless, Thomas Jefferson, our third president, left notably one of the greatest legacy. If it were put in different hands, at this crucial moment, the young and vulnerable country could have collapsed. His actions led a path of prosperity for he purchased Louisiana, wrote the Declaration of Independence, and composed the Kentucky Resolution. He will always be remembered during our nation’s proudest times. No matter the decade or century, people will forever commemorate Jefferson as a lone man that changed not only America, but the world.

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