Depiction of Nickolas, Alisoun and Absolon Characters of Miller’s Tale

Depiction of Nickolas, Alisoun and Absolon characters of Miller’s Tale The Miller’s Tale is a story in which are intertwined many characters. But I selected these three like a most interesting for me: Nickolas, Alisoun and Absolon. Clerk gentle Nicholas is the poor young scholar who rents a room in John’s house. He had studied the liberal arts. But his wish was learning astrology. About his character we must recognize that he is very secretive, sly, confident, and there is his ability for consolation.

He is a person without company, but he is womanizer. We conclude this fact because he sets his sights on Alisoun and fairly quickly manages to get her into bed. The most recognizable outside characteristic is his clothes-press which was covered with a red woolen cloth, and above it was set a pleasant psaltery. When we talk about the womanizer characteristic of Nickolas, we must to mention her lover. She is John’s eleven years younger wife. And her name is Allisoun. She is loved by her husband, but she doesn’t give back love to him.

But no matter of love she is forced to be him five. This made her to be immoral, to have a secret relationship with Nickolas. She is very beautiful and young, her clothes were made by silk and she wore a broad band on his hair. Alisoun beauty also charm parish clerk Absolon. Who is extremely tidy and fastidious and pays great attention to his personal grooming. He always makes sure that his hair is combed nicely, his breath smells sweet, and his shirt is free from wrinkles.

He dances well in twenty different styles, sings and plays the guitar. That is the way he tries to impersonate Alisoun. Also of this fact we conclude that he is persistent, because after all her deductions he tries over and over again. He has passionate nature. Analyzing of this three characters we can conclude that many men look girl only like a doll for pleasure. So every girl need to be careful who will be the knight of her beauty.

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