A Postman as a Useful Member of Society

A postman is a person who is employed to collect and delivers letters and parcels, and even money orders. He is a well-known figure of society. He wears a khaki uniforms. In his hands, he holds a numbers of letters. On his shoulder there is a large leather bag in which he keeps registered letters, money orders, large packets etc. he is a humble and useful public servant. His pay is very small he has to support his family with such a meager pay.

A postman’s life is full of duties and work. He is always seen going round his duty like a machine. He has to work very hard. He gets up early in the morning and goes to the post office. He takes letters from there, sort them according to street and mohallas and then begin to deliver them from shop to shop and home to home. He throws the letter in the shop or home and takes his way. He does not waste his time in chatting. In the noon he returns to the post office where he deposits undelivered letters, money orders and packets. Then, again in the evening he sets out for the routine work. To perform his duties he has to cover may miles sometimes on foot or sometimes on the bike. Whether rain or sunshine he has to do his work. His work is very hard and he performs it regularly and honesty with great care.

In a village, a post man has to read out for illiterate and he is expected to write letters for them. He has to fill money order forms for them. Sometimes he also conveys telegram from the city telegraph office to the villages. So he is very much respected in the village. The life of post man whether he lives in the village or in the city, is full of hard duties. We must respect this very useful member of society the postman.

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