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The Prevalence of Working Parents and Single-Parent Households

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The transition from a “nuclear” family normative, to single parent was one of the most dramatic social changes of the 20th century (Brandenburg, 2009). Research has shown that the growing rate of single-parent homes in our nation correlates to the increase in child poverty. The effects on a child who grows up in an economically disadvantaged home are not the only challenges they face, increase in high school dropout, unemployment and teen pregnancy will come into play for these children (Matters,201 0).

However, here are many children in single families that go on to succeed, President Barrack Obama came from a single family, yet he will be the first to tell you that single parents face weighty barriers.

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The Prevalence of Working Parents and Single-Parent Households
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A social worker coming into the field will need comprehensive knowledge of this adverse population and the challenges that the single parent family undergoes. Demographics of America’s New Family 4 out of 10 children are born to unwed mothers in the United States, two thirds of the mothers are under the age of thirty (Division of Vital Statistics, 2012).

One in four American children lives without a father in the home. Half or more of today’s children will likely spend at least part of their childhood in a single parent home. According to the Census Bureau, out of 12 million single families 80% of them are in mother-child home. The proportion of children being raised by single mothers has increased dramatically from 6% in the 1 ass’s to 24% in 2010(BRB. Org 2010). This equates to 18. 1 million children growing up without a father in the home.

In 2013, 46% of single parents were non- Hispanic white and 28 percent were African American (Census. Gob). It is common for single parents to suffer from low wages the Edwina income for a single mother family was $25,493, which is 31% of the $81 ,OHO median income for a two-parent family. The poverty rate of a child from a single parent home is sadly three times the rate it is for children in two parent homes. This can be due to multiple reasons, one being of those who are supposed to collect child support, only 31% claim they are able to obtain it (census. Ova). Special Issues and concern particular to this population As per a study done by Colombo and, Macaulay, “of four representative samples of CSS single mothers families, it was found that the single most intriguing factor to the difficulties experienced by children later in life was the lower family income associated with single parenthood. “

Once again, the median income for the single parent is $25,493 this is bordering on poverty. Hart found on USDA statistics showed, One third of single moms are food , “insecure” and another third spend over half of their earned money on housing which considers them for the threshold for “severe housing cost The Single parent will encounter many hard times in one year. In 2011, 42% of single parents experienced at least one of the nine airdrops measured by the Census Bureau to compute economic hardship. The most common of these is not having enough food to eat.

The others on the list of common hardships single parent- child families encountered were, 32% of single parents claimed they had unpaid utilities/ rent, and 23 percent needed to see a dentist (census. Gob/wellbeing,2013). Single parents are also time poor, the parent has to work full time, sometimes with an additional job to provide for the family. This leaves little time to enjoy together for homework, or quality time (Sprout. 2013). 30 years ago having a child out of marriage was unheard of.

American children were born into families and raised by two parents and the only exception to this was a parental death. Over the last two decades, divorce has become surprisingly common as well as mothers deciding to have children out of marriage. Families of this type are in some opinion, responsible for society’s “dissolution Of the family unit. ” The term “fragile family’ is used to describe a family consisting of a man and women who are not married who have a child together (Craggier, 2010).

Researchers feel there are many reasons to be concerned for children coming from families of this type, ” and, indeed, research can overwhelmingly include that they [fragile family children] will fare worse than children born into two parent married couple households (Craggier, 2010). “. Another reoccurring theme for these families as per the Urban Institute, paternal involvement drops insurmountably as children get older. As suggested, most of these children in fragile families will not see their fathers more than once a week once in their teens..

This can have a great effect on a child’s overall well Being. Children experience a multitude of short term and long term economic and psychological disadvantages when growing up in a single aren’t home. Children experience higher truancy rates and elevated levels Of drop out. There is also concern with delinquent behavior and drug and alcohol use. Children in single parent homes are more likely to lack adequate health insurance and therefore experience more health related problems. The children of single parents are often more mature due to given extra responsibility and involved in family decision-making.

Children from single parent homes are more likely to become teen parents, marry early, and divorce (International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family, 2003) Specialized Knowledge Required by the Generalist Social Worker to Work With this Population. The NASA code of ethics outlines what specialized skills and knowledge needed for one to work with single parent families. As per, Standards for the Practice of Social Work with Adolescents, social workers shall demonstrate knowledge and understanding of adolescent development.

More specifically, a helper working with a single family needs knowledge in multiple fields including but not limited to, human growth and development, feelings, behaviors the impact of the education process, substance abuse and lenience in adolescence. As in standard 2, A helper needs to be competent in legal mandates, and public and private social welfare agencies; as well as schools, health, mental health and juvenile justice systems. Familiarity with job searching and unemployment and understanding of poverty and family dynamics will allow the helper to be a true advocate for the client (NASA, 2006).

Based on the information given single parents are rising in numbers in the United States. The single parent has many barriers to succeeding as a parent and half the resources to accomplish success. There will be a great deed for knowledgeable and competent helpers who are willing to assist their specific needs. The need for Advocating, in the social work field for this group is necessary for these families. Federal and state policies, like child support enforcement and minimum wage increase could make the difference in the lives of these families.

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