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In this summary, the writer expresses gratitude to God, Mrs. Mendoza, their families, friends, and coworkers for their support in completing a research project. The study focuses on the effects of Filipino parents working abroad on their children’s behaviors, intimacy, performance in school, wellbeing, and socialization. The scope of the study is limited to children in the Philippines aged 1-18 who experience this situation. The writer defines terms such as SAD, UNICEF, and OFW. Overall, the study aims to shed light on the impact of parental migration on left-behind children in the Philippines.

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I would wish to take this chance to show my profound gratitude and deep respect to. our God. who guided us through the manner. Mrs. Mendoza for her model counsel. valuable feedback and changeless encouragement throughout the continuance of the undertaking. For her great attempts of oversing and taking us. to carry through this all right work. To our households. they were a great beginning of support and encouragement. we thank them all and wish them all the best in their lives. To our female parents and male parents. for their warm. sort encourage. and love. I would besides wish to give my sincere gratitude to all the friends and co-workers who filled in the study. without which this research would be uncomplete. To every individual gave us something to illume our tract. we thank them for believing in us.

Significance of the Study.Millions of people make up one’s minding to work abroad because they want to better their lives. Thay think that they can supply their household demand and wants. eventhough the effect is go forthing their childs to the attention of extended household members and accepting that they will be 1000 stat mis off from them. This survey provides an explaination on the effects on the left-behind children’s behaviours. intimacy to the 1 who work abroad. public presentation in school. wellbeing or even in socialisation with other childrens.

Scope & A ; Delimitations.This survey focus merely on the childrens in Philippines. ( ages 1-18 ) those who sing this state of affairs. Way back in 2006 entirely. 1. 5 million Filipino workers were deployed to assorted parts of the Earth. So. a figure kids these yearss experience the absence of male parents or female parents. who tend to come place merely one time in every two to three old ages. It was non possible to the kids and parents who sing this state of affairs because of increasing figure.

Definition of FootingsSAD – Separation Anxiety DisorderUNICEF – United Nations Children’s FundOFW – Overseas Filipino Workers

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