The Real Mccoy Idiom and Metaphor

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Have you ever heard the real McCoy? In The Wikipedia Encyclopedia, “The real McCoy” is defined as an idiom and metaphor used in much of the English-speaking world to mean “the real thing” or “the genuine article”. In “The Real McCoy” (1992) by Ralph Nader, the author uses significant dates to introduce the life of Elijah McCoy and tells reader how “The Real McCoy” happens. There are many reasons why this essay is good such as the content is interesting, the organization is very well and the reaction is stronger. Firstly, the content is interesting.

The author introduces the life of Elijah McCoy; also, it contains how to invention. For example, the author states “On July, 12, 1872, McCoy received the patent for his first invention, an automatic lubricator for steam engines, patent #129,843” (Nader, 1992, p. 29). It not only lets reader know McCoy invent a product, but also gives rise to the expression “The real McCoy”. After that, the essay is organized chronologically. For example, “trains and all other machinery had to be shut down periodically so that the moving parts could be oiled or lubricated” (Nader, 1992, p. 9). According to this state, this is the turning point in Elijah McCoy’s life because he found the problem and solved it. In addition, the author uses “May 2, 1844” (Nader, 1992, p. 29), “In 1873” (p 29), “October 10, 1929” ((Nader, 1992, p. 30) significant dates to introduce the Elijah McCoy’ life. The readers can easily to follow the time to know it. Finally, the audience’s reaction is very strong. The author uses Elijah McCoy’s invention to extend the expression of “The Real McCoy”.

For instance, the author states “from this concern for quality in automatic lubricators comes the now widely known saying ‘The real McCoy’” (Nader, 1992, p. 29). According to stating, the expression becomes famous so that people may still be heard today. In conclusion, “The Real McCoy” (1992) by Ralph Nader is good essay for many reasons. The content is interesting, the organization is very well and the reaction is stronger. This essay is a biographical of Elijah McCoy. If you are like me prefer this type of article, I will recommend you to read it.

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