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Reasons Why cities more disruptive than other types of communities

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  • Pages 2
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       Reasons Why cities more disruptive than other types of communities

    Our generation is not alone concerning the issue of the relatively high crime in the urban cities. It is a problem that has come to stay, for it has been in existence for several centuries. The re-occurrence of crimes in big cities has made it appear that they are targets for criminal activities. Apparently, curbing such criminal activities should not remain a difficulty for ages. However, the reason behind this problem is not unconnected to the following reasons; The high population density, the industrialization of such cities, characteristics of individuals, to mention only but few.

    Many cities are characterized by high population density, both organizations and individual tend to migrate and reside in big cities where opportunities often abound. Several researches have proven that crime is always directly proportional to population, the more people around the more chances of crime occurring. Crimes like rape and robbery easily tempt criminals in environment with large no of ladies, banks, fuel stations, shops etc.

    Again, the big cities attract lot of visitors which include both local and foreigners. This is another path that allows crime to creep in, for criminals do not only believe they can easily migrate to another place, they are also confident that residents will not be able to identify them.

    The characteristic of individual is another major contributor to crime rates in the cities. The provocative dress sense of ladies has been said to create ideas in the minds of potential rapist which they finds irresistible. The sexual and violent movies, the combative video games, with vivid graphics of human violence and all other media promotion of sex and violence indulged in the cities all greatly influence the crime rates in the big cities.It is not as if other communities do not practice the above mentioned vices, but it has been established that such vices are minimal, thus crime has remained minimal in such communities.


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