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The Refugees Should Be Kept in Detention Centers

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  • Pages 2
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    Did you know Australia has a yearly intake of some 13,000 refugees? Australia has an extremely generous intake of refugees, due to this, detention centres are over crowding, therefore, getting the bad name of ‘unsuitable for children’. The term detention centre is usually misinterpreted; detention centres provide a place for immigrants and asylum seekers to live in while their citizenship applications are being processed. For many refugees who enter Australia, their homelands have such bad conditions (war/political uproars) they would be glad to be anywhere but there.

    The Australian government cannot let every person into the country without any check ups. Not every person coming into Australia is good, there are many people seeking to harm Australia, such a s terrorists, the ‘detention’ centres are to separate those people from the good ones and determine who should be let into Australia and who shouldn’t. Australia is our home; imagine the detention centres are our doorsteps. You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home until you know who they are, if they are safe and if they do or don’t want to harm you in some way.

    I am not saying that all detention centres are good and provide top notch facilities for the people living in them, however, they do provide refugees with, food, water, medical assistance and schooling for children, as well as a roof to live under. “…. the truth of the matter is that 85% of these people will become Australian citizens, or at least be released into the community on temporary protection visas. ” Quote: Dr Zachary Steel, Clinical Psycologist. In conclusion, refugees should be kept in detention centers as the centers are designed to give the people a temporary place to live while their papers are processed; they are not gaols.

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