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The Relationship of Gilgamesh and Urshanabi

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  • Pages 6
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    It has been years since Gilgamesh and Urshanabi have met and became kin to one another. One night, as Gilgamesh lay in his bed he felt a rumble in his room. He sat up quickly to find a map on the wall held up by a small dagger or knife. On the map lay a red circle surrounding a country on the other side of the sea. He thought to himself “ maybe this is the sign I have been waiting for. In the following morning Gilgamesh and Urshanabi set off on a boat to the land they seek.

    “Where are we going” said Urshanabi to Gilgamesh. “ To a land known as Greece,” Gilgamesh said with a fire in his eye. Urshanabi gulped, then wimperd “ Why wou..would we go there” Gilgamesh replied “ i am not going to become a pet of the gods, I will escape death”.

    Days go by and they finally arrived, They land in a area surrounded by trees and plants. A woman comes forward from the tree line. “ Hello wanderer , you are not from these lands are you” She said with a harmonic voice. Gilgamesh steps forward “ No, I am the great Gilgamesh, slayer of the demon Humbaba, Slayer of the lions”. She nods “Welcome Gilgamesh, i am Gaea the goddess of these woods”. Gilgamesh Draws his sword “ Take me to the kings of your heaven, i wish to speak with them”.

    Gilgamesh blinks and as his eyes open he finds himself in a dark room with enough light to make out a large man in the middle of the room. Gilgamesh jumps towards the man with his sword in hand. The room filled with lightning and Gilgamesh was thrown through the room. “ I am Zeus, God of the sky king of the heavens, whe are you here!” The man bellows. “I am here seeking to avoid death, I wish for immortality.”Gilgamesh said. Zeus Laughs “I will grant you immortality, only if you defeat my strongest son.” Gilgamesh cuts off the laughter of the scruffy looking god with a “ You have a deal” as he turns, and walks out of the room. Zeus Stands there with a blank expression, sweat dripping down his face.

    Gilgamesh set off on his journey to find the strongest son of zeus. As he roams greece he comes across a large mountain. He feels an urge to climb to the top of this mountain. As gilgamesh reaches the top of the mountain he hears a sound of fire and the banging of metal on metal. He peeks over the top of the rim of what he has now realized to be a volcano. A blast of heat hits his face. He makes out the figure of a man on a small island in the center of the crater.

    He walks across the small bridge leading to the island. As gilgamesh approaches the what he now sees is a man, He turns to face gilgamesh and speaks with a deep, raspy voice. “ You are the man from my vision”. “ You had a vision, A vision of me?” Gilgamesh asked. He man spoke with great excitement.” Yes you are the man from the land of far, i am Hephaestus, i am supposed to help you with your quest.” May you tell me what your quest is?” Hephaestus asked. “ I am in this land to find everlasting life, i am on a journey to find the strongest son of zeus.” Gilgamesh said with pride.” Oh gods, your going to challenge Hercules. No one has challenge him since he fought the hydra, and he slayed it with ease.” said Hephaestus. “Where do i go to find this Hercules.” asked gilgamesh. “He is in the city of Athens attending a play about his 12 tasks.” stated Hephaestus. Gilgamesh turned to the bridge and started walking. “ Wait, take this” shouted Hephaestus as he throws a sword to Gilgamesh. He turned and keeps walking.

    Gilgamesh finally arrives in the city of athens to face hercules. He asks some of the town folk were he might find him. They all say the same thing, “ The Colosseum in the center of town”. Gilgamesh finds the colosseum but it is not as large as he thought it would be. He walked into the arena shaped building to find a play being performed. He sees a large , muscular man sitting in a throne type chair on the balcony. He walked into the middle of the arena and stopes. The play comes to a halt and everyone is staring. “ I am here to challenge the so called mighty hercules, the strongest son of zeus!” Gilgamesh yelles. All the people in the stands start laughing except for Hercules. Give these people a real show and fight me!” he continues. The laughing stops as hercules leaps from the balcony in to the arena.

    Gilgamesh charges Hercules and lands a blow to his face. Hercules flies into the wall and rubble falls on him. Hercules stands and brushes off the dust and laughs. “ You really think you can defeat me, I am hercules, slayer of the hydra, i captured cerberus, i am the son of zeus the king of the heavens!” Gilgamesh chuckles and draws his sword. The sword glows with a blue light as he charges hercules. Hercules dodges and draws his sword. They exchange strikes but they can not best one another. As the fight continues for hours and hours Gilgamesh notices th large glowing men and women standing to one side of the arena.

    Gilgamesh and Hercules stand there with no stamina left in there bodies. “Give up and die already!” Yelles gilgamesh. “What will you gain from winning this fight?” asked hercules. Gilgamesh leans on the sword that is no longer glowing “ i will not become a slave of the gods when i die, by defeating you i will be granted immortality!” Hercules stands up straight, “Is that what you really want, to live forever, to watch your love ones age and die as you stay young forever? You may not become a slave to your gods but you will become a slave to your mind. You will go mad, you will become a crazed madman and destroy all you know. Just return to your land and Live the remaining years of your life.” Hercules sais. Gilgamesh stands there and looks from hercules to the gods behind him. “ Fine i will return, i will tell the tale of this mighty battle.” Gilgamesh states. He turns to walk to the the opening to the rest of the city.

    As he walks out the opening he finds zeus standing in front of him. “ if you stay in these lands i will promise you that you will not become a slave to your gods, you will become a legendary hero in mount olympus.” zeus sais. Gilgamesh smiles “ i would love that, but its not my place to become a being of power in a land i do not belong. I will return and challenge my gods just as i did here.” Zeus reaches his hand out to the sword in Gilgamesh’s hand, If that is your decision i will grant you full power with this blade”. As Zeus touches the blade, it starts to ecase in lightning and begin to glow again.

    Gilgamesh looks back up a Zeus to find himself standing at the edge of a treeline on a beach. He sees a boat with a familiar face. Urshanabi runs up to gilgamesh and Smiles but says nothing. They get on the boat, Gilgamesh looks at the captain of the ship, “ Take us home”.

    The End

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