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During 1939, an exigency blood aggregation is need in due to the menace of the Second World War in Europe. It is so it comes to many people, about the of import of holding a healthy sum of blood stock in the blood in the state. Singapore Blood Transfusion Service is officially unfastened on June 1949, at Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road. On 1 April 2001, when the HSA was established, the Singapore Blood Transfusion Service was renamed as the Centre for Transfusion MedicineA ( CTM ) , one of the 8 professional Centres of HSA. Now, the blood contribution suite in the current HSA edifice, located at 11 Outram Road, is now known as the Bloodbank @ HSA.

Important of holding a blood bank in Singapore

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Blood is needed during bone marrow grafts for leukemia patients, for some patients that need regular blood transfusions, during day-to-day surgeries and for accident victims. On mean, we need an norm of 350 units of blood daily in Singapore. Besides during some exigency state of affairs, it is of import to hold adequate blood on standby. Blood could non be storage in the unfastened for long, so it is of import to hold a blood bank that could assist to widen the use of the blood for future use, particularly those blood type that are non normally found.

proper criterion being taken by blood bank

As the clip travel by, Blood Bank @ HSA make betterment in doing certain that they are maintaining themselves up to the criterion set by American Association of Blood Banks ( AABB ) . They would travel through an Accreditation Program that promotes the highest criterion of attention for patients and givers in all facets of blood banking, transfusion medical specialty, haematopoietic, cellular and cistron therapies, organ transplant, and relationship testing.

First, when you enter to donate blood, you will be given a donor wellness appraisal questionnaire, which is like this:

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For those who are between 16 to 17 old ages old who want to donate blood, would necessitate to make full in a parent consent signifier, which is like this:

Parent consent for 16 and 17 old ages old giver

After finishing the questionnaire, you may travel to the counter to register to donate blood. They would inquire for your NRIC to look into on your age, as the blood giver can merely be 16 to 60 old ages old for those donating blood for the first clip. For those regular blood givers, they might go on donating blood even they are more than 60 old ages old.

Then, your name will be called out to hold a wellness cheque and have a cheque on the organic structure weight to do certain that you are at least 45kg. This is to do certain that no more than 13 % of the blood volumes are donated, because if a individual exceeds the sum, the individual might conk during or after the blood contribution.

Following, your name will be called out once more, to hold a blood trial ; this is to prove for the hemoglobin ( Hb ) degree in the blood. Harmonizing to AABB criterion, the minimal Hb degree should be 12.5g/dL.

After all the cheque, you will be traveling into the suite, to look into for your vena and get down the procedure of blood contribution. To do certain that the giver will non experience excessively much of hurting during the blood contribution, they will give a local analgesic that is in a jab signifier. After about 30mins, you have completed the blood contribution. And a bag of blood will be filled that could salvage person unrecorded.

However, before the blood could utilize for medical intent, the blood would necessitate to be tested. As there is some blood samples taken from the patient before the nurse start the existent blood contribution, these blood samples would be test. There will be trial for Hepatitis B Surface antigen, HIV, etc. After the trial, have proved that the blood is safe to be used, blood would be stored decently frozen till the twenty-four hours when it is needed.

Besides there is one more method of blood contribution ; it is call aphaeresis, this lone done at Blood Bank @ HSA. This lone for those regular blood givers and their venas are large plenty for the acerate leafs to travel through, as the acerate leaf is much bigger than the normal blood contribution needle. This procedure would assist to take merely the ruddy blood or some other constituents of the blood. This is done by an machine-controlled blood cell centrifuges, the machine will pull out blood from the giver like regular blood contribution, but the machine would merely take the constituent that the giver want to donate, the remainder of the blood are return back to the giver. This whole procedure will take about 1 hr.

Partnership with administration

Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Programme

Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Programme functionary started to be to the full nomadic programme in 1995, complementing the function of the Centre for Transfusion Medicine, Health Sciences Authority in organizing bloodmobiles to run into national blood demands. On 1st April 2001, Singapore Red Cross ( SRC ) was appointed the National Blood Donor Recruiter by HSA.

On 14th April 2001, an official ceremonial was held at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza to establish the “ National Blood Donor Recruitment Programme ” and a Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU ) was signed between the Singapore Red Cross and the Health Sciences Authority ( HSA ) in acknowledgment of their partnership in the National Blood Programme.

Through the partnership with SRC, Blood Bank @ HSA has a much easier occupation in run intoing the day-to-day sum of blood demand by Singapore. The SRC will concentrate on the undermentioned three chief maps in the National Blood Programme ; Recruit and retain blood givers, Promote and Educate to increase populace ‘s consciousness on the importance of blood contribution and Organise of blood thrusts within the community.A The physical aggregation of blood, proving, and distribution of blood to infirmaries in Singapore will be carried out by the Centre for Transfusion Medicine ( CTM ) , a professional Centre of HSA.

Blood contribution

Basically there are two manner to donate blood, one manner to travel down to the Blood Bank @ HSA, to hold a walk-in blood contribution thrust. Another is traveling for the blood contribution enlisting thrust that would be held near your house, which is the Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Programme.

Blood Donation at Blood Bank

The members of the populace could travel down to Outram Park, the location where Health Science Authority is located and that is where the current Blood Bank is located at. The member of the populace could merely walk into the Blood Bank, do the procedures like make fulling a signifier that is need for enrollment intent, taking some wellness cheque and measuring of our organic structure weight, take a blood trial to mensurate the Hb degree in blood. After all this, you might travel on to look into your venas and donate blood.

Mobile blood contribution

As people might happen that it might be rather troublesome to travel from one terminal of the Singapore to Blood Bank @ HSA, merely to donate blood, and frequently people would utilize that as an alibi to decline to donate blood. So SRC holding the Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Programme, which would be held within the community, for illustration on 2nd Tuesday of the month, there would one Red Cross Blood Donor Recruitment Programme, held in the Woodlands Regional Library. To many people who are populating near at that place, and want to donate, this would be a great convenience to them. At the nomadic blood contribution, the whole procedures are done likewise to those at Blood Bank @ HSA.

My personal experience in about the blood contribution thrust:

On 18th March 2010, which is my first effort to travel and donate blood in the blood contribution at Changi General Hospital, and decided donate blood with one of my friends who happens to be holding attachment at that place. Sadly, in the terminal of the twenty-four hours, both of us are non eligible to donate blood, due to different grounds. For me, I was non eligible to donate blood, due to my all right venas. While my friend non eligible to donate blood, due to the Hb degree in her blood. As we both are non eligible to donate blood during that clip ; we are given some tips by some of physician at that place, on what we can make to do us more eligible during our following effort to donate blood.

On June 2010, I decided to travel to Blood bank @ HSA, to hold my 2nd effort of blood contribution, but this clip I went by myself, as most of my friend are excessively much with their academic affairs. Over at that place, the chief procedures are about the same which the nomadic contributions thrust. Due to my record of holding all right vena in my first effort, I was to look into with the nurses at that place on my vena, if I am able to donate blood. After look intoing, I was allowed to go on with checking of my organic structure weight, Hb degree in my blood. After which I was told to travel inside the blood contribution suite. Over at that place, the nurse told me some do and wear after blood contribution, and I was given a box of Fe addendum that I was to devour after the blood contribution, to refill the sum of blood in my organic structure.

After some piece, the nurse found a vena that could be use to pull out the blood out. The nurse foremost utilize an intoxicant barter to clean the country, before holding an poke that is a local analgesic to guarantee that I will non experience an hurting during the blood contribution. However, after nurse managed to acquire some blood sample from me that would utilize to look into if my blood is suited to be usage.

However, out of sudden my blood starts to halt fluxing toward the needle, alternatively it is fluxing through the tissue, ensuing some inter-bleeding. Good thing, the nurse is took notice of it really fast, informed me about it and halt whole blood contribution procedure. She rapidly informed a physician at that place to take a expression at my hurts and at the same clip, got a cold tablet to use cold force per unit area on the injured portion to cut down the puffiness. After a piece, the nurse give me some medicated pick to be applied on the country will be bluish black, she besides teach me how to use the pick decently. As advised by the nurse, I went place to hold a good remainder, and avoid to transport excessively much of heavy weight on my left manus, the manus that I use to donate blood.

Methods used to hive away blood

Common blood group, those Rh positive blood groups, are stored in blood bank iceboxs are controlled to run in the scope of 4-6 oC for the upper limit of 42days or frozen for up to 10 old ages. Blood bank non merely stop dead the ruddy blood cell, fresh plasma can besides be frozen, which can be stored for up to 1 twelvemonth.

Cryopreservation Programme makes usage of high concentration glycerin, followed by stop deading at low temperature like -80 oC in some particular ultra-low deep-freeze. The rare blood types are non the lone things that are conserved under the programme, processes bone marrow and Peripheral Blood Stem Cells ( PBSC ) for patients undergoing bone marrow graft. They preserve by utilizing Dimethylsulphoxide ( DMSO ) and frozen at -196 oC in particular liquid N deep-freezes.

Analysis- SWOT analysis


The strength of the Blood Bank @ HSA is that they are able to maintain themselves up to standard, as they have some exchange programmes from with people from AABB. The people from AABB would come regular to the blood bank to hold regular look into if the blood bank is up to criterion. Besides based on my personal experience, the staffs over that the Blood Bank @ HSA are really experient and really watchful, during some particular state of affairs, like my instance, internal hemorrhage. When such things happen, they know what to make and take action fast. With this, it makes people to experience safe and secure to donate blood. To keep the wellness sum of blood in the blood bank, they would direct a samarium to the giver to ask for them to the following nomadic contribution thrust.


The failing of the Blood Bank @ HSA is that they are rather weak in the enlisting of blood giver, despite holding working with SRC ; sometime they still have some difficult clip keeping a healthy stock sum in blood bank. This is due the consciousness on the importance of blood contribution among the member of the populace is still really weak. Or they might believe one time they have donated one time, the stock in the blood bank would be more than plenty. So Blood Bank @ HSA and SRC still have long manner to travel in making out to the member of the populace.


In comparing of Blood Bank @ HSA with other blood bank, blood bank in infirmary, Blood Bank @ HSA has a better advantage, as they have partnership with SRC, and is more known to the member of the populace. Most of the people who donate blood in the infirmary are to fix themselves for a surgery that would necessitate plentifulness of blood, or they are salvaging their love one. While those who donated in the blood bank @ HSA, are those who have the passion to salvage person who might be a alien to them. Besides the engineering used at Blood Bank @ HSA are more advanced in comparing with those in infirmary


Blood Bankss in infirmaries are someway like a menace to the Blood Bank @ HSA. However, the greatest menace that the Blood Bank @ HSA faced, is from the member of the populace. This is because when there is some negotiations organised to increase the populace ‘s consciousness on the importance of blood contribution, but they choose to disregard the talk, the sum of blood in the blood bank will diminish quickly, as less and less people are donating blood. This would do the blood bank being unable to run into the intent of puting up a blood bank.

Methods that they use increase the sum of blood contribution

They try to increase the consciousness of the members of the populace, in the of import of blood contribution. They have some postings designed, to state the members of public how of import it is. They besides try to increase the consciousness through advertizement during some commercial interruptions. In the advertizement, they pointed out what some common issues that make Singaporeans do non desire to donate blood, like because they do non care or they have donate one time so there is no demand to donate once more, etc. So they try to acquire rid of this mentality in their head.

Besides our national blood giver recruiter, the Singapore Red Cross, may do entreaties for blood givers of specific blood groups from clip to time.A Such entreaties will be for specific blood groups that are presently in short supply ( e.g. O+ or A – ) , or they might be needed by patients with rare blood groups.A In times of demand, suited givers might be contacted via phone, SMS or mail.A This would able to do certain that there is adequate stock of blood in the blood, particularly those rare blood type.


I have fundamentally two portion of recommendation that I would give to the staffs at Blood Bank @ HSA. First, possible methods to better the consciousness of blood contribution. By holding some blood contribution thrust negotiations in some of the school, like junior montages, polytechnic and universities, more young persons would come to cognize more about the blood contribution thrust. Besides holding some talk in some RC would be good, to speak to the occupant life in different country, particularly to those occupants who have ideas that blood contribution is non of import, as we have adequate blood in the blood bank, besides there is no demand to donate blood, when there is no demand for it. We should seek to acquire rid of that mentality in the full aged head. Here is a personal experience that I have received from some of my relations, when I asked about how much they know about blood contribution thrust. A little figure of them would shortly retrieve see an advertizement that they see about blood contribution, “ give blood, and give life ” . This shows much the advertizement could make over a period of clip. I think now would be a good clip to get down to better the consciousness one time once more.

Personal contemplation

Choosing Blood Bank @ HSA, might hold been rare and unusual pick to many people, as non much of people, really know that there is a blood bank in Singapore, allowing aside the usage of holding a blood bank. In existent fact, I besides do non cognize the being of Blood Bank @ HSA, until I joined Red Cross Society during my secondary school old ages, through that I have volunteered to assist out during the nomadic blood contribution which one of them go on to be held in Singapore Zoological Garden on 2008.

Through the period of being a voluntary, I begin to recognize the of import of a blood bank in a state. Besides straight or indirectly, it has awakened my involvement in blood banking, and being acute to happen out some possible manner, to assist do betterment blood. With the involvement and the passion to happen out more in hematology, I choose to analyze Diploma in Biomedical Science.

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