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The Ultimate Gift Given By God

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“God doesn’t bless us just to make us happy; He blesses us to make us a blessing. ” It is one quote that I have read on one of the article. This quote really suits on the film that we have watched. I’m really inspired on how the story goes. There are gifts from God that had mention on the film. Those gifts had given a specific experience that he will encounter. These gifts are gift of family, gift of love, gift of dreams, gift of laughter, gift of giving, gift of money, gift of friends, gift of learning, gift of work, git of gratitude, and gift of a day.

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The Ultimate Gift Given By God
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Every single gift has its own characterization. Putting this story in a real life situation, it is a truthful circumstance that a person should experience. Knowing the life is not easy; I understand well that we have to experience such problems that we’ll teach us on how we are going to cope and to be matured enough.

Not just a big amount of money that we can get on our inheritor, it’s the lesson and behaviour that they teach us is a big gift from them. God is so good on all of us.

He never fails to guide us and give us situations that we cannot overcome. People are just so scared on facing what’s on the certainty of life. Being with your family and loved ones, and above all trusting God, we will succeed in our lives and overlook the entire necessary struggle that we had. Learning on this film, helps me to understand well; what is life. What is life without God; but to trust Him and loving other people is the greatest way to achieve on a triumphant life.

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