Should All Criminals Be Given a Second Chance? Argumentative Essay

Crime and punishment have been a part of society. As criminals are caught and put to justice, their moral credentials are reduced so greatly that it is often difficult for them to move up the ranks in society. After all, if they have committed a crime once, what is there to stop them from doing the same again? Hence, should all criminals be given a second chance? A criminal can commit one or more of a variety of crimes, depending on the severity of the crime. The first opportunity for a second chance is given here.

The degree of punishment emitted to the convict is a measure of the law’s discernment on the eligibility of a criminal with regards to getting a second chance. Most punishments are either settled on monetary terms, like fines, or through jail terms. However, some cases of crime are such that a criminal is not given a second chance. These, like murder, warrant the sentence of lifetime imprisonment or even the death penalty. The effects of these two punishments are permanent and the convict is in no way given a second chance, unless the sentences are withdrawn.

What comes after the law is the rest of society. When a criminal has finished serving his punishment, he is then left to attempt to integrate back into society. In my opinion, anyone whom has been given a second chance by the law deserves a second chance from society. However, it is true that not everyone who has been given a second chance makes use of it. Some criminals abuse their second chances and continue with their criminal ways of life.

In conclusion, I believe that most, but not all, criminals deserve a second chance. The institution of law has been put in place to determine which criminal does deserve a new lease on life and which does not, and I fully support the structure of the law. Any ex-convict who is then released back into society by the law would, in my opinion be deserving of a second chance, since they have paid for what they have committed in violation of public laws and may not be looking to repeat their mistakes again.

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