America has been given the right to personally own and bear arms Essay

Since the American Revolution and the creation of the Second Amendment of the Bill Of Rights, America has been given the right to personally own and bear arms. In the past decade, we, the responsible citizens have seen the number of individually owned guns skyrocket out of control.

The possession of guns in a home brings a false sense of security which can endanger lives, and not only to those whom the gun is licensed to, put people at risk, and set bad example to those that see the results of crimes and the easy access to weapons.

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America has been given the right to personally own and bear arms
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But do people really need guns?In the 90’s we saw many incidents caused by accidental shootings, many of which were by children whose parents had not taken proper care in storing their guns. Mistakes like these are unacceptable. The lives of those innocent people were taken away due to the exorbitant number of people owning guns.

Many other American citizens have been killed due to the inexperienced use of guns in a moment of panic; those who do not have easy access to guns could have prevented these accidents easily.

So do people really need guns?Do you need really need guns? Do you really need to protect yourself against evil and others that drastically? Some people say they need to have guns to protect themselves. Some say they need them because they live in perilous environments. You should not have to feel the need to own a gun for defense… it is a violation your freedom, and others’.

Do you need guns?Owning guns is completely uncalled for. They are a hindrance in our lives and are the biggest detriments to society today. People must realize that the second amendment was not calling and permitting personal ownership ship of guns but the right to own weapons if it is necessary to start a militia. Due to the strength of the Police, The State Guard, National Guard, and this amendment is now out dated.

If people would take pride in the knowledge that the possession of guns is not about social status or wealth, rather than bringing out the cruelty in people then may be, Gun Control would not be such a calamitous issue that is part of every day life. Do you still need guns?This country was built upon the want for freedom, that liberty includes the sense of security one needs in their daily life. If people need a gun to feel safe, then they are restricting others’ freedom besides their own, which calls for reform and change. The NRA National Rifle Association says, “Guns don’t kill people, People kill people.” I say, People with guns kill people.

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