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Dog Sees God – Acting – Given Circumstances

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Play Analysis Guide – Dog Sees God III. The World of the Play – Given Circumstances a. Geographical Information i. The play has no specific location. Many of the scenes take place in a high school. Specific locations at the thigh school include the cafeteria, practice rooms, outside of the high school, counselor’s room. Some of the other locations include a backyard, a Parent’s house, and an insane asylum.

Understanding that the play takes place in a high school helps the audience comprehend the magnitude of the characters’ worry of being judged as the characters try to answer life’s difficult questions such as sexuality, the purpose of life, philosophy, and how they were going to make it through the day.

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Dog Sees God – Acting – Given Circumstances
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b. Date, Season, Time ii. No specific season was given. It has a neutral weather. None of the characters are distinctly required to wear an article of clothing that would reveal the weather. We do however know that it is likely not during the summer since school is in session.

There are no context clues such as football or basketball games that would reveal the season as well. c. Economic Environment iii. The characters are all in high school the economy is one of the last of their worries. None of the characters have jobs. We can infer that the characters still live with their parents because Marcy is throwing a party at her parents, CB and CB’s sister bury their dog in the backyard, and simply because they are still in high school. Again, Dog Sees God is not specific set during a certain era so the outside economy does not affect them. d. Political Environment iv.

The politics do not brother the characters. They are simple in high school and the worry of the government has not crossed their mind. Since Dog Sees God does not have a specific time period it is impossible to research what the politics were during that time. e. Social Environment v. During the play the characters struggle with being accepted regardless of their sexually orientation. CB’s sister also continues to change her religion and no one seems to be bothered by this expected maybe annoyed because it keeps changing. The characters struggle with peer pressure and their peer’s opinion.

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