The Use of a Cell Phone Jammer

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Safety and security are two things that are incredibly important to most people. Technology is delicate in many ways and if someone is not careful with their confidential information, it could be embezzled. Young people are especially vulnerable to being hacked because they do not know any better. And this generation especially is most addicted to their modern technology than any other. This is not a necessarily terrible thing but when it is a distraction during class, a teacher can get fed up and act maliciously, specifically, the use of a cell jammer.

According to Leo Versel, 82 percent of high school students use a cell phone regularly. In Florida, a teacher named Dean Liptak used a signal jammer to try to cease the use of cell phones in his class. While this ploy worked at first, students outside of the class were being jammed as well. Many people will have sympathy with the teacher, but the school district spokeswoman, Linda Cobbe, did not concur. Cobbe stated, “The consequences could have been dire if he was jamming the signal so that 911 calls couldn’t be made…” As a result of this jamming incident, Liptak was suspended from work for five days without pay.

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In many ways, a cell phone jammer in the classroom may seem appealing at first but after doing some research it will seem like an awful idea. Many teachers have tried to use cell phone jammers in their classrooms, but it almost always backfires. According to the FCC (Federal Communications Commissions), the use of a cell phone jammer is against federal law. According to their website, “Operation of a jammer in the United States may subject you to substantial monetary penalties, seizure of the unlawful equipment, and criminal sanctions including imprisonment.” Breaking a federal law just to control your students is ill-advised and a shortsighted idea.

Many teachers treat cell phones like they are the devil in disguise. When in reality cell phones have a lot of positive and helpful features when used correctly. One way it helps is just the fact that it trains them for a real-world job. Being able to call clients, email, check inventory, read the news, and more is also a great use as well. This would also teach students responsibility which few people were taught as children. An important reason is in case of an emergency, perhaps you left something at home, and you call your parents to bring it to you. In a more serious situation, they are incredibly useful in a school threat or shooting. Lastly, just being able to carry around a cell phone makes students happier and that can make them more willing to learn.

Many teachers can agree that cell phones should not be out during class and most teachers will enforce rules against the use of cell phones, but other teachers take this to an extreme. While browsing and trying to find more information on this topic I found a website known as “” This website tries to sell cell phone jammers to teachers for their classes. According to the FCC, section 302(b) of The Communications Act of 1934, “prohibits the manufacture, importation, marketing, sale or operation of these devices within the United States.” What the website is doing is most definitely illegal. The only way for someone to legally get a cell jammer is through the US government.

To most people, their security and safety are particularly important. And most people use technology to store their vital information which, could effortlessly be stolen if they are not careful. Children are especially defenseless against online theft. This generation is addicted to modern technologies more than any other. But being addicted to technology is not that big of a deal until the technology can start damaging their grades, teachers will get angry. Most teachers will deal with these situations in a logical way but other will go out of their way and use a malicious device like a cell phone jammer.

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