The Word Is Associated With Slavery And Cruelty Towards African Americans

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The n*gg* word is thought to be some of the most messed up and offensive racist slurs in the world to this day. It is a fact the n-word has association with slavery and the cruelty towards African Americans. Even after slavery ended the n-word is still used today towards African Americans, especially in more segregated areas such as cleveland-elyria,ohio are where white people are seen as more dominant to Africans Americans. In recent years the n-word has become less of a normal slur in parts of our country and has become more of a hate crime. Public figures who use the n-word have a big possibility of losing their jobs or getting killed. As a wikipedia states “since the 1960s African Americans have coined the term “nigga”, when addressing one another. The rise of hip hop culture also enhanced the use of the word-they felt as though they are using the n-word as a term of endearment.”

In society today it is a fact that no one should say the N-word because of certain reasons such as it’s offensive to african americans but as well as they should not say it because its a certain slur that puts each other down. Another reason for why people should not be saying this offensive slur is because just like the word “bitch” it as well puts people down, and when girls use it towards each other it puts them down instead of helping each other grow. i believe the same thing with the N-word especially in the time era we are in now they should be sticking together and not putting themselves down. But also i believe that not even african americans should be using that type of slur towards each other.

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The words Negro, nigger, and nigga have always been a sensitive touch to african americans, yet it is a type of offensive subject that needs to be talked over. And while One word is used to describe a color, while the others are used to judge a person on who they are . Its very obvious that the n-word is not a word people should be using, yet even though when i say it, i don’t mean it in an offensive way it still comes off as an offensive word, and i feel bad saying it because of all the research im doing to write this essay, but anyways back to the topic, African-Americans even to this day use the n-word to downgrade on each other in today’s world. Even though in spite of people using the n-word african americans have always had discrimination towards them. No matter what they’ve always been treated lower than any other races just because of the color of their skin or how they act even though they never have acted any different from other races.

Even with the societal ban on the use of all the types of meanings for the n-word. And with the members of the african american group they use the n-word to refer to each other.The present research employs quantitative and some data statistics show that most african comedians use the n-word slang as a joke and is considered okay because it translates to there own kind.and the n- word is used african American English because “it conveys a social meaning that is foundational in the identity of many African Americans”. The Use of this type of offensive slang allows a speaker to create a identity showing awareness of the history of African Americans and practical brains of the implication that the n-word is used towards peoples experience.

The n-word is not always used as a negative word towards african people sometimes its used as saying wassup to your friends or calling a male by it, but even with that it doesn’t make it okay to be said. So in conclusion I believe that no one should use the N-word and in instead we should lift each other up and be kind to each and every person. And as well as help african americans and as well as latinos and every colored person get the rights and respect they deserve by respecting their culture and what offends them and doesn’t. And again mom i’m sorry for offending you or anyone by saying that word. I’ll make sure not to say it again, because i realize the disrespect.

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