This I Believe Essay

I believe in the power of quitting. I always tend to take on more than I can physically do and if I am going to be completely honest a lot of the things that I do I actually hate doing them. When I ask myself “Why are you still doing this?” I tell myself that it will all be worth it when I can put it on my college application. But is that really the best reason to do something? That’s what I thought and it was one of the reasons I stayed in Acappella for so long. In 9th grade, I decided to join Acapella. I already take piano and singing lessons and I thought it would be another really fun thing I could do and, for a while, it was something I really enjoyed. But in 10th grade, my schedule started to really fill up and it started becoming a lot. I always feel like I am not doing enough but a person can only take so much before they go crazy. In Acapella everyone was really nice to me but I never felt like I fit in. I didn’t have any friends in the group so, I always felt like an outsider. Besides that, there was also a lot of commitment. For Acapella I had to memorize songs, learn all the choreography, go to practice every week and extra rehearsals on the weekend sometimes.

The songs we had to learn for Acapella were really difficult so they took me forever to learn. We also had part checks all the time to make sure that we know our part and if you missed a class you have to go to a makeup otherwise they would kick you out. While they were always really nice I was always afraid that I would be kicked out. This made me even more stressed because getting kicked out is horrible especially when you have put so much work into something. My dad would always see how stressed out I would get and would say “Why don’t you just quit?” but I would tell him “I already wasted so much time on Acapella I might as well finish it and be done once I graduate high school.” What I didn’t know then that I know now is that quitting is okay. People always tell you that you should not quit things but sometimes it’s better to quit especially when you are quitting something that you don’t enjoy and that doesn’t give you any purpose. One thing my dad always tells me is that you should do a few things but you should do them well.

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That is the opposite of what I do. I try to do everything because that what I think colleges want to see but what’s the point of doing a bunch of things that you never succeed in doing. Everything I was doing I was doing halfway because I did not have time to do anything properly and give it 100%. I don’t want that to be who I become. I always try to work really hard and do my best when I do something. I quit Acapella on Saturday, November 10th and while quitting is not the ideal thing to do after my mom called them and told me that I don’t have to worry about Acapella anymore it got rid of a huge weight on my chest. I believe that you can never fell truly good when you have done something wrong and when I quit it got rid of so much stress. I believe in the power of quitting.

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