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Time Management the Largest Control Point

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5.Project management
(1)Time management
Because stunts are time consuming , Material prepared must be complete before work begins . In general , time requirements for stunts is a bottomless pit , On the basis of the same staff and material preparations , Increase time is better effectiveness , A lens for a week and a month of lens , Is different from completely . No special effects companies do not complain about lack of time , So don’t waste your time .
Time management the largest control point is , Not to do useless work .

In order to avoid rework , There must be a standard process , Make sure before you make the next step , Otherwise everything will happen when doing , Suddenly you want to modify one of the previous steps , Cause the entire process you need to do it again .
Resource management
If TV show has a large amount of stunts , it involved extremely large amounts of data , This large amount of data must have a scientific and efficient management model to manage , Otherwise it will be caught in a passive situation , The best way is to build a database , Each technician can be accessed over a high-speed network
Assign work and organizational management
Special effects company in the face of each project will set up a special effects Director , This person is the technical aspects of the project in terms of special effects Director , Artistic are responsible for directors .

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Time Management the Largest Control Point
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Under the special effects Director , There are several project leaders , Dealing with character modeling , Character animation , Lighting , Special effects, synthesis, and research and development departments . Stunt Division is complicated , Because a shot of a variety of stunts , it has animation , character , Special effects , Synthesis effect . Each part is only responsible for its own part .

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