Top Glove, the worlds largest rubber manufacturer

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Top Glove ( TG ) is the largest gum elastic baseball mitt maker in the universe and it started to run in Malaysia since 1991. Initially, there is merely one mill in 1991 with three production lines, but the company has expand and grown dramatically to go the universe ‘s largest gum elastic baseball mitt maker where is it today with the undermentioned place:

Top Glove is a listed company in twelvemonth 2001 in Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur, and on a short span of somewhat more than a twelvemonth Top Glove Corporation Berhad listing has promoted successfully from the 2nd Board to the Main Market of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on May 16, 2002. The company now has a stockholder fund of RM846 million or USD247 million with an one-year turnover of about RM1.53 billion or USD447 billion as at 31 August 2009. It is besides one of the component stocks of the FTSE Bursa Malaysia ( FBM ) Mid 70 index, FBM Top 100 index and FBM Emas Index.

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The Business Philosophies of Top Glove ‘s are they work for their Customers ; Their take attention of the involvement of their Stockholders ; They guarantee that their Employees continue to lend positively to the company and their return good attention of the public assistance of their employees and in conclusion, they work closely with their Bankers, Suppliers, Business Associates, and Government Authorities and Friends.

The corporate Mission of Top Glove is to be a World Class Glove Manufacturer Providing Top Quality Products with Excellent Services through Continuous Improvement and Innovation. While the Slogan “ We strive to be the universe ‘s Leading Manufacturer with Excellent Quality Glove Products and Services That Enrich and Protect Human Lives ” is the usher for Top Glove Moving toward their Vision.

Top Glove ‘s Business Directions is to Approach to bring forth systematically high quality baseball mitts with efficient low cost and to gain two healthy dollars by spend one efficient dollar.

In Top Glove Quality Policy, The manner they making concern is accent on Quality and Productivity, with the responsibilities to Continuously Improvement and Innovation, and the mark towards Zero Defective in their production.

Top Glove Corporate accent the value of increasing Global Customer Satisfaction, as they are making the thing right at the first clip and on every clip ; with Integrity and Total Commitment to their corporate, clients, and the community around the universes. Besides that, Top Glove desired to bring forth the merchandises that are Excellence in Quality and Competitiveness however, without disregarding the environment and maintain making their corporate societal duty.

Addition, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are Top Glove concern Ethical motives.

Last from the words by Top Glove Chairman-Tan Sri Dato ‘ Sri Lim Wee Chai: Our concern regulations are, “ We do non lose our Stockholders ‘ money ; do non lose our wellness ; do non lose our pique ; and do non lose our clients. ”

Chief activities

Top Glove ‘s Chief Activities are base on fabrication and trading of High Quality Latex made Gloves. In deepness, their company ‘s Chief Activities are from bring forthing and selling dressed ore latex, fabrication of baseball mitts, trading of baseball mitt, proviso of direction, Property investing, investing retention and trading of machinery. Addition, the state of incorporation is bulk wherein Malaysia and the others are in the People ‘s Republic of China, United States of America, Thailand and Singapore.

In Top Glove ‘s Annual-report stated in Directors ‘ Report. The chief activities of the company are investing retention and the proviso of direction services. Besides, the chief activities had described in Note 12 to the fiscal statement. Where, there have been no important alterations in the nature of the chief activities during the fiscal twelvemonth.

Customers ‘ satisfaction is the focal point of Top Glove and it had placed a batch of accent in Research and Development to bring forth a broad and diversified scope of high quality and value-added baseball mitt merchandises in order to carry through the outlook of their clients. The company besides collaborates closely with the authorities bureaus and Ministries to maintain itself abreast of the latest development in gum elastic research engineering. The company besides uses state-of-art high engineering and efficient automatic baseball mitt fabrication machine to obtain the most merchandises fabricating output and to stay as one of the most cost-efficient and highest quality manufacturer in the industry. With all these advantages and schemes, the company is able to vie with the rivals and stand out in the industry.

Production Procedures of Top Glove ( TG ) Company:

One of the successful grounds that TG Company can win in their concern is because they have a strong and good production procedure in their latex baseball mitt devising. They believe that they must hold the most modern and advanced baseball mitt fabrication machineries if they wished to be go oning as a world-class cost effectual baseball mitt maker. They have invested well in the machineries that are needed to guarantee that they can to the full follow the latest fabrication techniques for all their production lines. Other than that, they to guarantee that they can systematically bring forth high quality latex baseball mitts are besides utilizing a uninterrupted technology procedure.

Competent and experient forces besides contribute in smooth production line and consistence in quality of the latex gloves even though they have modern machineries. In add-on, an online quality control steps have been instituted throughout the fabrication processes to guarantee the highest quality merchandises.

The latex is a white, milklike liquid that comes from gum elastic trees, which is either from native or intercrossed trees. Largely, TG gets its latex from purchasing through the gum elastic market while the staying latex is from their ain gum elastic plantation. The latex will be harvested from gum elastic trees when the tree ‘s bole is swollen and besides every twenty-four hours, after the rain has stopped during the rainy season. The latex is a natural merchandise and it will clot easy, therefore it needs to be crops from the gum elastic trees every bit shortly as possible and so direct to TG mill to be manufactured.

When the latex is sent to the TG mill, the latex will be manufactured with a standardised method that is set by the company itself. The flow of the production procedure of latex baseball mitt in TG Company is former cleansing, coagulant dipping, drying, latex dipping, leaching, beadwork, vulcanising, station leaching, slurry dipping, depriving, toppling, and quality control.

Former Cleaning

Before the latex can be procedure to the coagulant dipping procedure into hand-shaped, the baseball mitt formers need to be cleaned before it can be used to organize hand-shaped latex baseball mitts. A quality production of exam baseball mitts includes the environment of latex baseball mitt mill is clean. This besides means glove formers must be cleaned to guarantee there is no soil or dust anyplace because it will impact the concluding merchandise to perchance hold defects like holes. First, glove former must be dunking into an acerb bath and so rinse with clean H2O. Second, an alkalic bath is used by dunking the baseball mitt formers in them to neutralize the acid and once more rinsed in clean H2O. Last, an of import measure that is the baseball mitt formers are brushed to guarantee the surface of the baseball mitt formers is consistent and extinguish pinholes on the latex baseball mitts after it signifier.

TG mill have multiple production lines that produce batches of disposable baseball mitts. If there is any soil or dust on the baseball mitt former, it can ensue in the maker being forced to junk the full batch of latex baseball mitts. This ground shows the importance of baseball mitt formers that must be on a regular basis inspected and cleaned before the casts are dipped into coagulant armored combat vehicles.

Coagulant Dunking

After the baseball mitt former is cleaned, it will be coated with coagulator ( eg. Ca nitrate ) and be dipped into the coagulant bath to assist the latex mixture adhere to the formers and to assist guarantee the latex is distributed equally. The baseball mitt formers are dipped into the coagulant armored combat vehicle under TG workers ‘ control to pull out the protein from the old baseball mitt dipping and this dipping is done one time for every production rhythm.


Drying is one of the Stationss in production procedure of latex baseball mitts fabricating whereby the coagulator converts the liquid latex movie into a wet-gel on the baseball mitt formers and will finally go through a series of ovens to dry the baseball mitts and stop the curdling procedure. In brief, it is a procedure of drying the baseball mitts from moisture to readymade baseball mitts.

Latex Dipping

Latex dipping is one of the Stationss in the production procedure of latex baseball mitts fabrication and the armored combat vehicle is filled with compounded latex. A latex bed will be formed on the baseball mitt former after it goes through this armored combat vehicle. The thickness of the latex baseball mitt is determined at the coagulating and dipping phase. The longer the clip the baseball mitt former travels in the coagulator armored combat vehicle, the thicker the latex baseball mitts will be formed. TG Company will guarantee that the latex gloves that green goods is high quality and safe to be usage.


This leaching phase can name as the pre-vulcanization leaching. It besides known as “ wet gel leaching ” . Residual chemicals and proteins on the surface of the baseball mitts are put into the leaching procedure to be removed after the drying of latex mixture. A longer leaching line can rinse out latex proteins more efficaciously. Besides that, the H2O must be hot and fresh plenty to do the proteins dissolve better. This measure is a critical measure to minimise the happening of latex sensitiveness. The H2O temperature, procedure continuance, and H2O exchange rate will impact the effectivity of the procedure. Good leaching line can ensue in a good and quality latex baseball mitt.


Beading is a procedure whereby up to a twelve chemicals are added to assist in following fabrication procedure of latex baseball mitts. The chemicals added are antioxidant that prevents impairment of the gum elastic molecules in the concluding merchandise by heat, wet, and ozone. Chemical gas pedals are besides added to assist command the following vulcanisation procedure.


One of the find key in fabricating gum elastic is the vulcanisation procedure. It is a bring arounding procedure in the production procedure of latex baseball mitts whereby the latex atoms are modified by adding in gas pedal chemicals to it. When all the stuffs are heated, S atoms are chained with the gum elastic molecules to organize a cross-link that gives strengths and snap to the physical belongingss of the gum elastic. This procedure ensures the gum elastic will non be torn and melt easy.

Post Leaching

This procedure is similar to the wet-film leaching antecedently, but it is a small different whereby it is carried out on the dry/vulcanized latex movie. Therefore, it is besides known as “ dry-film ” leaching. Time and temperature is the most of import component to guarantee effectivity in the procedure of H2O extractives decrease. Latex baseball mitts may be leached up to 24 hours to guarantee its effectivity.

Slurry Dipping

This phase is besides known as “ wet even pulverizing ” . The slurry armored combat vehicle incorporating the cornflour solution can forestall latex baseball mitts from lodging in the armored combat vehicle. The slurry is besides referred to as wet pulverization. The benefit of this pulverization is moving as saving of the latex baseball mitts and to help in the latex gloves wearing procedure. TG Company has followed the international method in the specific phase whereby the latex baseball mitts will travel through more ovens for farther drying and extra rinse rhythms where the pulverization will be removed. The procedure of taking the pulverization is to avoid latex allergic reaction.


At this phase, the latex baseball mitts are depriving from the baseball mitt formers. There are two types of methods, which are manually or automatically depriving the latex baseball mitts from the baseball mitt formers. TG ‘s latex scrutiny baseball mitts are stripped by to the full automated depriving machine. By utilizing this to the full automated depriving machine, TG can increase the quality and safety of the latex gloves they produced. The latex baseball mitts will be sent to the following stage of the latex baseball mitt fabrication procedure for concluding drying.


The toppling procedure at latex baseball mitts fabricating procedure is to take inordinate pulverization on the baseball mitts. The latex baseball mitts are seting into the commercial driers to guarantee that the pulverization is more equally distributed and extra pulverization can be removed.

Powder-Free Baseball gloves

Powder-free baseball mitts phase is a engineering to forestall stickiness of baseball mitts by avoiding pulverization use wholly by traveling through chlorination or polymer coating procedure. This is one of the of import engineering procedures in fabricating latex baseball mitt today because most of the baseball mitt shapers are bring forthing the latex baseball mitts with powder-free. Top Glove produces latex pulverization and powder-free baseball mitts. Basically, the powder-free latex baseball mitts are transformed from powdered baseball mitts when the pulverization is removed. Before the latex baseball mitts dried, the pulverization helps the latex gloves give uniformity every bit good as to forestall the latex baseball mitts from modeling together. The cohesiveness on the glove surface can be removed by rinsing the latex baseball mitts in H2O. Then it is placed into a chlorine bath to transform the powdery latex baseball mitts to powder-free latex baseball mitts. The baseball mitt is turned inside out and the procedure is repeated. The powder-free baseball mitts are placed back into the driers when the bathing procedure is completed.

Quality Control

TG carries out its quality control in entire quality direction system. In entire quality direction system, the procedure includes regular testing of natural stuffs, close supervising the fabrication procedure, uninterrupted betterment on quality control, maintain regular quality control, following with rigorous quality criterion, mark for nothing defects, good instructional labeling, efficient work standardisation, uninterrupted betterments in packing and lading, close monitoring of production procedure, tensile strength machine, advanced auto-stripping system, ocular air pump trial, H2O tight trial, physical dimension trial, protein trial and pulverization trial in their fabrication procedure of latex baseball mitts. The ocular air pump trial, H2O tight trial and physical dimension trial will be carried out in this quality control phase while the other trial will be carry out during each fabricating procedure of the latex baseball mitts. The air pump trial serves to look into for holes and ocular defects in baseball mitts while the watertight trial serves to look into for pinholes rate on the latex baseball mitts. Each state will hold their ain acceptable quality degree ( AQL ) in leting the company to export merchandise to their state. For illustration, the companies that want export their baseball mitts to United States, a 2.5 AQL in the watertight trial or better. The physical dimension trial is used to mensurate the dimension of the baseball mitts whether to cognize the measuring does run into the review degree of 4.0 that set in AQL.


Packing is the concluding phase in the fabrication procedure of latex baseball mitts. TG packs their latex baseball mitts in level and efficient layer-by-layer to ease the dispensing of baseball mitts in order to avoid latex baseball mitts hard to distribute from each baseball mitts subsequently. This type of packing method can cut down waste and makes latex baseball mitts easier to take out from the box. For illustration, we can distribute tissue from a tissue box easy and the thought is applied to the latex baseball mitts ‘ box dispensers. This superimposed technique is frequently use by all baseball mitt makers.

Last, when all production procedures are wholly carried, the latex baseball mitts will be keep in TG warehouse for labeling and so direct to their peculiar clients. In add-on, the latex baseball mitts are besides being exported to other states. The production processes of Top Glove are repeated for all the production lines and to guarantee the latex gloves that are produced are in high quality and safe for usage.

Strength of the Production Procedure:

The machine engineerings that TG used to do their production procedures of latex baseball mitts are result in superior quality and it is safe to utilize by all consumers. The production procedure in TG adopts the latest fabrication techniques by utilizing the modern machineries. Other than that, the production processes in TG helps their company to increase preciseness and productiveness in their latex baseball mitts production. This is due to the advanced and modern engineering that applied in the production processes. In add-on, the production processes besides increase the flexibleness in bring forthing latex baseball mitts. The production procedures will besides increase the procedure stableness during the fabricating procedure of latex baseball mitts. It is because the production procedures are carried under a systematic production procedures. The merchandises will be produced bit by bit by following specific production procedures and to guarantee the merchandise is high quality produced.

The efficient production processes is able to assist TG in salvaging a batch of production cost. It is because the efficient production procedures can guarantee that they can bring forth latex baseball mitts efficaciously and expeditiously. Then, the production processes besides helps TG in cut downing the figure of workers. This is due to most of production procedures are to the full operated by the machine engineering. This helps TG to salvage cost in the workers.

Failing of the Production Procedure:

TG needs to put to a great extent in purchasing the modern machineries and need to engage more experient forces in their production procedure. TG uses modern engineering in transporting out their production processes to do latex baseball mitts. The machineries that bought were highly expensive. Therefore, the care of the machineries is expensive and if there had any minor or major accoutrements spoiled ; it will be dearly-won to the company to mend it back. It is because the accoutrements that are used in the machines are non for common usage by other makers within the same field country or other field countries and it is hard to look for replacements for that specific accoutrements. TG ever cheques and maintains the effectivity of their machineries to forestall it from being spoiled.

In add-on, TG besides needs to engage more experient and skilled forces with higher wage to run the specific machineries and carry researches. Some machinery needs particular skilled and experient forces to take charge and TG does non merely engage a worker to run the fabrication machineries. The experts for such operations in the latex industry are much fewer in other Fieldss. Therefore, TG needs to pass more money to engage those experts that operate their operations.

Strength of the Facility Layout:

Top Glove used work cell layout as their scheme to bring forth their merchandises to use the capacity of the company, which may convey a batch of advantages to the company. First, it can cut down work-in- procedure stock list which means there is less stock lists or equipments needed to associate up the work that is in different procedure because the work cell is set up to supply one piece flow from machine to machine. Second, less floor infinite required because less infinite is needed between machines to suit work-in-process stock list. For illustration, the tumbler drier is place closely with the procedure of sterilisation that uses to sterilise the baseball mitt ‘s bacteriums. Therefore, it saves a batch of infinite between these two procedures. Next, when the employees work in this sort of layout, it will heightened the sense of employees engagement in the organisation and the merchandise which will promote them to add duty toward the merchandise quality because they straight associated with the merchandises in their ain work cell. For illustration, the employees who work as an operator in dunking line will experience motivated and carry out his work carefully when the director empowered him to look after the machine or take part in any work that related to the dipping procedure. Last, increased equipment and machinery use is besides one of the advantages because of better programming and faster stuff flow. When the baseball mitt is being chlorinate instantly it will continue to the procedure of drying and after this it will travel through the procedure of sterilisation instantly every bit good. The fast stuff flow show that it use the machinery and equipment efficaciously.

Failings of the Facility Layout:

However, there are still some failings in this layout, which is the straight-line work cell layout as we can see in the dipping line. The workers in the dipping line are arrange in such manner that sometime they will happen that it is difficult to split their work equally and more worker is needed comparison to the U-shape work cell layout. This may do societal idleness in the workplace, which means some worker may work less as comparison to his co-worker. This is non good to go on in the workplace because it will take down down the morale of other worker who works hard but he merely gets the same wage as his co-worker who is lazy. Following, from the layout of the company, we besides notice that there is merely one chief gate for exist and entry but no other exigency or back door in the layout. This is besides a failing of the company because there is no other exigency door for workers to get away if any accident happens.

Goods and Service Design:

The other strategic of this company is goods and service design. Top Glove ‘s chief productions are no-good baseball mitts, man-made baseball mitts and surgical baseball mitts. Top baseball mitt bring forthing more latex baseball mitt as comparison others glove, since latex baseball mitts is a better pick of protection. The grounds are the latex is the chief stuff in gum elastic baseball mitts industry where it is the gilded criterion for lastingness. Where latex is mentioning to a milky, normally milky, fluid obtained from over 1,000 species of trees and workss. It is the most of import natural stuff used for the production of latex baseball mitts, natural gum elastic latex, which derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree species found chiefly in South East Asia though they originated from Brazil. It demonstrates superior snap, strength and barrier protection. It outperforms vinyl every bit good as any man-made gum elastic in footings of keeping barrier unity in modus operandi and high hazards processs. Based on the researches, the latex baseball mitts provide up to 9 times more protection during normal usage than non-latex baseball mitts. The baseball mitt size is determined by mensurating the perimeter of the manus around the palm country with a tape step. The usual size criterion for scrutiny baseball mitts are of XS – Forty, while surgical baseball mitts are of 6.5 – 8.5. The baseball mitts thickness measured by deepness protecting tegument from exposure to elements. It was measured on a individual wall utilizing a micron over several parts of the baseball mitt, typically at the turnup, the mid-palm and the finger subdivisions. The types of baseball mitts are latex baseball mitts, nitrile baseball mitts, vinyl baseball mitts, medical baseball mitts, surgical baseball mitts, disposable baseball mitts, clean room baseball mitts, family baseball mitts, all-purpose baseball mitts, and polythene baseball mitts ( PE baseball mitt ) . For illustration, the nitrile baseball mitt is one of the man-made baseball mitts that are produced from the man-made latex of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer type, which is opposition to oil and exhibiting rubber-like features. Its snap is good but less superior as compared to natural gum elastic. It is by and large more dearly-won than natural latex baseball mitts.

Strengths of the Goods and Service design:

The strengths of utilizing this strategic which is the goods and service design are Top Glove ‘s baseball mitts are protect to lives and the monetary value of it are low comparison to other glove trade names. When they manufacture the baseball mitts, the baseball mitts will prove in the elongation or stretching trial, to mensurate the strengths of the baseball mitts. During drawn-out surgeries, the pattern of altering to a new brace of baseball mitts prior to a critical process has been noted to cut down bacterial taint.

Quality Management:

Quality is refers to the entirety of characteristics and features of a merchandise or service that bears on its ability to fulfill stated or implied demands. Every organisation should pull off and command of their merchandise ‘s quality. It is of import to assist the organisation to construct a well repute in the industry. By making this, client will more dependability on such merchandise and eventually assist to derive the market portion. Top Glove is a maker company that pays much attending on the merchandise ‘s quality. Top Glove committed and believes in top quality merchandises, they are duty to guarantee quality consistence and merchandise dependability to all their clients and users.

Before the merchandises go into the packaging procedure and sell to the market, Top Glove has implemented the quality review procedure to do certain that their merchandises are bring forthing at the expected quality degree. Top Glove is strongly emphasiss on Entire Quality Management ( TQM ) and the Quality Control trials are conducted from the point we receive our natural stuffs straight through the production processes and the finished merchandises points. Compulsory pre-shipment reviews are carried out before the bringing of each order. Top Glove is accent on rigorous quality control procedures in line with ISO 9001 and in rigorous conformity with ASTM and EN 455 criterions.

Top Glove has utilizing the tensile strength machine as the measuring of the stretch required to interrupt the glove stuff. Glove without good cured procedure tend to hold higher tensile strength. Top Glove besides has utilizing the advanced auto-stripping system to taking the baseball mitts from the formers, where they are turn inside out. By making this, the productiveness can be increase because it is faster than by utilizing manual denudation. Air pump trial has been used to look into for holes and ocular defects in baseball mitts. Furthermore, H2O tight trial besides utilizing by Top Glove to look into on the quality of merchandises which is a trial that usage to find the AQL degree of an scrutiny baseball mitts by look intoing on the pinholes of the peculiar baseball mitts after make fulling up the baseball mitts with 1000ml H2O and so look into for any escape in 2 proceedingss clip. To guarantee the quality of merchandises, Top Glove has been conducted the protein trial of the gum elastic. All natural gum elastic latex merchandises contain protein. For latex baseball mitts, it is the measuring of entire protein regardless of allergenic content. The ASTM D5712 criterion is utilizing the trial method in the Modified Lowry assay for analysis of aqueous Extractable Protein Natural Rubber. Besides, Top Glove has utilizing powder free engineering to forestall stickiness of baseball mitts by avoiding pulverization use wholly by traveling through chlorination or polymer coating procedure.

Besides, Top Glove believes and stress strongly in Research & A ; Development ( R & A ; D ) to be in line with ever-changing concern environment and to provide to the increasing high outlooks of end-users. To maintain gait with the latest development in the gum elastic production, Top Glove has been join forcesing closely with the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia ( RRI ) and Lembaga Getah Malaysia ( LGM ) in the latest development on gum elastic research engineering in Malaysia.

Strength of the Quality design:

The company able to carry through or able to follow the Quality control of the foreign site company needs such as European and American clients.

Top Glove is a company that really purely in controls their merchandise ‘s quality. Before they sell the merchandises into the market, they will do certain that all of the merchandises are lucifer with the ISO 9001. Because of the high quality control of the merchandises, it may assist Exceed Glove to hold more competitory power in the market. In those western states such as Europe and United States, most of the consumers may hold high demand of a merchandise ; they are more concern toward the quality of merchandises alternatively of the monetary value. They are willing to pay higher monetary value that to acquire a high quality merchandise. Because of the Top Glove is pay more attending on the quality control, hence, the quality of the merchandises is more consistent and dependability. To keep the quality of merchandises, Top Glove is utilizing the advanced engineering and ever bettering their system. With the high quality control of the merchandises, the merchandise ‘s quality is more consistent and seldom doing deficient merchandises ; Top Glove is able to carry through those consumer ‘s demands. Those western states consider as larger markets in the universe ; by fulfill those consumer ‘s demands of the merchandises, it may take Top Glove to construct their repute in the market. When they have built a better repute in the market, the consumers may be given to buy back those high quality merchandises ; it may assist the company to derive higher market portion. Therefore, the company may hold higher profitable.

Failing of the Quality design:

The company must update their Quality control fulfilment on consistent footing from their Customers wants such as European and American client. There is higher cost incur for updating the engineering for fulfill the foreign site client.

Most of the western consumers are accent on the quality of the merchandises when they are buying ; hence, to keep the market portion in the western market, carry through all of the western consumer ‘s demands is of import. To keep the profitable of the company, Top Glove should ever update their quality control of the merchandises that based on the client ‘s demands and wants. To carry through those consumer ‘s demands, Top Glove has developed a Research & A ; Development ( R & A ; D ) section. This section is required to do certain that the company is utilizing the most efficiency and latest engineering in production line. To develop a R & A ; D section, there is required an excess capital investing. Besides the machines that is required of the section ; some professional besides needed to engage to help in the section. When the section had developed the latest engineering, Top Glove is needed to update the initial engineering to the latest that can carry through those consumer ‘s demands. However, it is dearly-won to the company.

Global Forces:

Political Forces

The Malayan authorities was purely modulating the wellness and safety conditions in the Top Glove fabrication workplace. Besides, under the ordinance, the company had to follow the lower limit pay on their workers. Besides, that every state and state was witting about the environmental issue, likewise go on to Malaysia, it was a compulsory recycling jurisprudence was enforce to the Manufacturers in Malaysia. Due to this recycling jurisprudence, it is good to Exceed Glove Corporation as they can recycle and salvage their cost on natural stuff. Therefore, it significantly affects the operation of the company and there is a demand for Top Glove to keep good relationship with the ministry and authorities.

Economic Forces

Top Glove Corporation holding revenue enhancements to a great extent as it taxed at rate that are rather high. Besides, about 10 percent involvement rates predominating in the Malaysia market that create competitory market topographic points. On the other manus, the economical branchings of immense fiscal costs will impact the Top Glove ‘s fiscal place. This was due to follow and relies on the external beginnings such as fixed charge capital ( fixed involvement payment ) to finance its operation.

Description: Rubber, No.1 Rubber Smoked Sheet, FOB Malaysian/Singapore, US cents per lb

Unit of measurement: US cents per Pound

Furthermore, the currency exposure face by top baseball mitt was impacting their bulk gross revenues since most minutess utilizing USD to merchandise while the USD was weaken aggressively. Besides, the fluctuation or guess of rough oil causes rising prices and impact on the other natural stuffs and logistic cost. Similarly, the fluctuation of latex monetary value affects to increase the cost of the productions. While, this is greatly challenge Top Glove to bring forth and sells their merchandise with high quality and low in cost by manner of utilizing the high operating cost and natural stuffs in their production. Furthermore, Top Glove face formidable competition with China glove makers as the China baseball mitt merchandises was flooded the baseball mitt market at a cheaper monetary value and immediately available. Therefore, economic system force significantly affects the operation cost of the company.

Social and Cultural Forces

The Malayan instruction degree increased has become a challenge for Top Glove, as Malaysian was witting about the Health and safety issues likewise to most of the state around the universe. With this, it challenges their production and operation to add-in more characteristics that need to follow with the Torahs. At the same clip, they need to guarantee the satisfactory of their production. In add-on, the additions of consciousness on wellness and safety bring up some issues on the Latex made manus baseball mitts. Therefore, instruction and cognition information will assist in the selling of the Top Glove and will impact their operation procedure and production.

Technological Forces:

Previously, many of Top Glove workss machineries have rendered obsolete this are due to the coming of cybernation and the great alterations on the electronic and computerise tendencies. However, these issues had solved by geting more professional and computerising plans on their operation and the version to the E-commerce tendencies.

Besides that, the patent violation on the Machinery and engineering can be an issue for Top Glove Corporation. As it was a instance found before the patent violation on engineering on bring forthing on Nitrile baseball mitt. Finally, Top Glove and Tillotson agree to disregard all claims against each other. It shows that, engineering and information tendencies had important consequence on Top Glove operation system, resources and equipments choice.


In the production procedure, Top Glove needs to keep their operation system including of its production procedure and their quality control. It is of import for Top Glove to keep it as their nucleus competence. Thin production can utilize in production procedure as it align with the company end and mission. Top Glove is recommend to continuously heighten their flexibleness in their production procedure including diagnose and program for better agenda in the production procedure to salvage more clip, employees attempts and the company money. Besides that, Top Glove needs to guarantee all operations from the top to bottom must run expeditiously by following programmable logic accountant that able to the monitoring of the operation automatically and promote uninterrupted production that aid in addition production and minimise cost.

For the installation layout, Top Glove had to be after good and turn up its installations practicably depend on it logistic and place design, company capital and its activities, workplace safety and wellness and so on. Reliability centered care and value driven care can utilize as betterment methods for TG to use its capital on investing and care of its operations such as overcome the operation care hazards on resource allotment, assets utilization, cost control and safety and wellness environment. Furthermore, the flexible work cell layout must keep by Top Glove, as it will be able heightening the flexibleness of the operation, use the topographic point taken, supplying comfy and safety workplace for workers, and minimise the possible accident and hurts. Besides, Top Glove must ever update and keep the ballad out that fixed by ISO or other fabricating criterion.

For the Goods and Service Design, Top Glove can concentrate on the merchandises development and extend their merchandises life rhythm. For illustration, develop the baseball mitt by bettering its wearing techniques that able to minimise the rakes and cryings when consumers use the Gloves. Use and methods of have oning Baseball gloves may supply and demo on the packaging. Other than this, Top Glove can be besides focal point or beef up more on inside informations merchandise design such as making advanced baseball mitt with maps and agreeableness characteristics for all type scope of baseball mitts use in surgical and clinical pattern and operation. Addition, TG merchandises boxing must supply with its merchandise mentality and description that meet the penchants of their client across different states and civilizations. Refering fluctuation monetary value on natural stuff, Top Glove needs to happen the beginnings of it production natural stuffs to forestall impacting from high cost markup on natural stuffs. Therefore, TG demand is urge to put more no-good plantation, by guaranting the monetary value for the Glove merchandise without impacting the fluctuated gum elastic monetary value and guarantee the merchandise able to sell economically.

For the Quality Design, no affair how hard to company to obtain the making of the quality, the company still needs to be carry throughing it. This shows the capacity of the company to growing farther and remain survive in the worldwide market. Therefore, Top Glove had to keep and heighten it merchandises and operation quality infinitely. Top Glove ever needs to scrutinize their operation and the merchandise quality control to guarantee low than low faultiness in their production based on the six sigma and Entire Quality Management process. On the other manus, Top Glove needs to reexamine foreign states ‘ Acceptable Quality Level to better in their company ‘s quality direction system. Possibly, Top Glove needs to follow entire quality direction or done R & A ; D on high quality latex to guarantee bring forthing high quality merchandises that meet their client outlook.


In decision, the cardinal procedures of the Top Glove ‘s fabrication operation are, its production procedure flow, installations layout program, its operation schemes on merchandises and service design and quality design. The Strength and Weakness analysis for each cardinal procedure analyzed in deepness based on Top Glove ‘s internal fabrication operation and supplying some recommendations based on the treatment after the operation and planetary force analysis. The planetary forces discussed on planetary political and more focal point in Malaysia political issues ; planetary economic system on the natural stuff monetary value fluctuation, demand and supply analysis of the Glove merchandises ; societal cultural issues across the planetary market and engineering forces that evolve quickly on different concern facets including industrial operation. The recommendations provided with other successful application of theory and construct that aid to continuously bettering the operation of the maker such as thin fabrication, entire quality direction, six sigma, reliability-centered care and value driven care and so on. In brief, these cardinal analysis and treatment on Top Glove fabrication operation will assist in apprehension of each cardinal map from each operation processes and makes betterment to Top Glove ‘s operations based on the surveies of latest operation direction system. With this, Top Glove will be able to keep or beef up each of its industry ‘s operation and its merchandises positioning in the universe market.

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