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Escape the Friend Zone



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    Oh no! You are in love. But the object of your affection thinks of you as more of a brother or sister than anything else. What should you do? Maybe the following points will help you. Break the nice guy or sweet girl stereotype. Most guys and girls who find themselves in the friend zone are usually susceptible to many of the characteristics of the nice guy or sweet girl stereotype. Where you are romantically attracted to someone, you do not want to pressure them into a relationship. The trouble is, when you take other people’s feelings more important than your own instead of finding that happy balance. Stop being needy.

    One of the reasons you might be interested in this person more than he is to you is because you are giving off signals that you really want to be in a relationship. You might be coming off as a little desperate, which is quite the attraction killer. Examine your own neediness. In one word, relax. Also, do not force yourself to reveal your hopes for intimacy, let your actions display your confidence. Your demeanor should speak for itself. Think about the difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship. Some people expect a boyfriend or girlfriend to play a particular role in their lives in order to physical attraction to emerge.

    The person who you want to be more than friends with probably makes a bigger distinction between “friend” and romantic partner than you do. Realize that many people (both male and female) expect to be courted in some way. Some people, for example, look for a romantic partner who can play more of a parental role than a friend could. Figure out what the person you are pining for wants to find in a boyfriend or girlfriend. Then decide whether you want to be that for them. Break the touch barrier. For many people, a big distinction between friendship and relationship is the way they touch.

    There are platonic ways to touch someone, and romantic ways, and the boundary is different for all kinds of people. Take a few little touch risks. Reach for their hands, hair, shoulders and back. Do not just always wait for them to do it first. If they do not like it, they will definitely let you know. Touching someone shows them that you find them attractive. This act can make someone feel more attracted to you. Note that some people are very affectionate with their friends. The person you are interested in might be all about cuddling with you, and think not much than friendliness, while you feel like you are getting mixed signals.

    Realize that you’re tying up your feelings by staying friends with someone who is not romantically interested in you. In the instance where you have already followed the previous steps and you have left your pushover habits behind, you have stepped up to role that he or she is looking for in a relationship, and you have crossed the touch barrier, but this person still wants to be just a fiend of yours, you will need to make some hard decisions. Maybe they are simply not attracted to you, because of reasons you will never know.

    Consider that it will be difficult to develop feelings for someone else. You will struggle with feelings of jealousy and frustration when that person dates. Consider that even if you do manage to develop feelings for someone else, your heart might always be torn and confused. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take the friendship down to the level of acquaintance. The person might feel offended, perhaps it will seem as if you do not value them as just a friend, but remember that you can not control your feelings, just like they can not control how they feel.

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