Tom ang

Tom Ang grew up playing the clarinet - Tom ang introduction. His dream was to become the first clarinet for the london schools symphony orchestra. he never made his dream in the musical world so he turned to the world of Medicine. he stayed in the nottingham medical school for 3 years before he decided that this wasn’t his passion either. he traveled to hong kong many years later and saw the beauty that he has never seen before. he then decided that this was his passion. to photograph the things people pass by everyday and to have a new world seen from right under our noses. he traveled to mexico to see not the poverty that is riddled throughout the land but to see the happiness that the families share even in the dark times. to show that it doesn’t matter how much money you have to care for your family but how much heart.

In his trip to mexico he realized that people don’t want to always see the darker things in life that may seem interesting. he saw past the mirror that makes other people resilient and chooses to take pictures of the obvious things that others won’t see. Tom decided that these pictures are the ones that show true heart and are willing to break the boundaries of normal lifestyle and show the cultures of many other races and nations. he also visits new york in that same year and tries to show new york from the outside worlds perspective. this meaning the poverty that surrounds new york so that it seems similar to mexico and the other countries. he soon realizes that these people are not like the ones in his other photographs that these people are dangerous and are not fueled by heart and love but they are fueled by hate and greed. he tries to capture these pictures as best as he can but did not post many because he believed that they didn’t show the true feeling he felt when taking the photos and it doesn’t have the same effect if it doesn’t feel the same.

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At this point in time Tom started working with Fay Godwin as his assistant. he was asked if he knew how to print because that would be his basic job, and of course he responded yes. He claims that he was a total amateur and did not want to admit it because he needed the job. Yet for some reason she kept him on the team and trained him to become a better printer so he can print for her book and galleries. Tom traveled back to hong kong and took many more homescape photos while on his vacation there. Tom had upset a large nest of bees when photographing there. they attacked him very vigorously and sent him to the operating table. he says that his life could have ended right there. after his battle with the bees he traveled to japan in search of a dream boat that kept appearing every time that he would dream. he searched through all of japan taking pictures of boats so he could find it. but sadly this boat was never found.

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