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Harmonizing to Allaby 1994, cited in Holden 2000 The environment is the complete scope of external conditions, physical and biological in which an being lives. Environment includes societal, cultural and ( for homo ) economic and political consideration, every bit good as the more normally understood characteristics such as dirt, clime, and nutrient supply.

Every state in the universe may hold different environment. It has included the different cultural, different manner of socialization and the authorities had set the policy and regulations to command and protect the states and besides their state. The states had come out with batch thoughts to develop their state to guarantee their economic sciences are good. Macau is a part that has different cultural, their economic is largely come from the touristry industry. From political side, they are under policy of  “one state, two systems ” .

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Background of Macau

Macau is located at Southeast Asia and is about 60 kilometers from Southwest of Hong Kong and bordering of China ( ) . The clime in Macau is greatly influenced by Monsoon from the South China Sea and North Western Pacific Ocean. The temperature difference is between 13EsC to 32EsC.

Before 16th century, Macau named as Haojing or Jinghai. When the Portuguese colonized the topographic point so named it as peninsula Macau which is derived from A-MA Temple. Macau besides started to be developed as the major colony in the Far East ( ) . In 1685, Macau been officially established as foreign trade port by China because Portuguese construct a metropolis wall to support from Dutch without the permission of China ( ) . But in 1999, Macao became a portion of China once more and go a Particular Administrative Region of China which has a high grade of liberty that running “ one state, two systems ” policy ( ) . Their chief linguistic communication is Cantonese because the bulk of the states there are Chinese ; nevertheless 0.6 % of populations are talking Portuguese.

In twelvemonth 1966, Macau Government Tourist Office ( MTGO ) had joined Pacific Asia Travel Association ( PATA ) and the PATA Macau Chapter was set up in 1983 ( ) .

Tourism Development

Macau is a fast growth as tourer finish part. Since Macau under control of Portuguese in February 1961, the authorities had announced that Macau will affect in touristry sector and besides legalized their gambling industry. Until 1980, the authorities had simplified the entry formalities to Macau, so that it is easier for the tourers to come and go in Macau ( ) .

Bet oning industry in Macau is the chief attractive force to convey in the tourers and besides play an of import function to Macau ‘s economic ( ) . Because of the chief attractive force, bet oning industry ; Macau had developed their state with more amusement composite and Casinos to convey in more incomes to assist their economic. However, now Macau is get downing to concentrate on developing their cultural when it returned back to their fatherland. It is besides aid to guarantee that their cultural will non decease out ( ) .

Besides the cultural, the heritage in Macau besides been noticed and they are get downing to develop the heritage every bit good. In twelvemonth 2007, Macau had won the “ Best of Show ” expansive award for their heritage with the Macau World Heritage Year Campaign ( ) .


Visa Restriction

From the intelligence in People Daily ‘s online, in twelvemonth 2009, Macau bet oning sector ‘s gross go on lessening because hit by the widespread impact of the planetary fiscal crisis ( ) . Because of the planetary fiscal crisis, China authorities had restricted the visa for the local to travel into Macau so that the money will non flux into others states through the casino.

Harmonizing to Mr. Ho Hao Wah, the main executive of Macau Special Administration Region, in Macau, gambling and touristry are the major constituents of Macau ‘s GDP, and most of the authorities grosss are contributed from the revenue enhancements on bet oning income ( ) . It means that Macau ‘s economic is extremely dependent on the gambling industry ( ) . From the statistic, chancing gross has grown at a rate of more than 20 per cent a twelvemonth ( ) . Macau is officially became the most profitable chancing Centre in the universe, bring forthing 7 billion US dollars in chancing gross, around 1 billion US dollars more than the Vegas Strip in 2006 ( ) .

In twelvemonth 2008, the per centum of the income from bet oning sector had seemingly decline. One of the grounds is, in the center of the twelvemonth 2008, Beijing authorities is seeking to halt the Chinese from chancing and avoid the money laundering by mainland civil retainers so they had tightened visa limitations on visit to Macau to restrict the local tourer go into Macau ( ) .

In add-on, non merely Beijing tightened their visa limitation but besides other province such as Hong Kong, Guangdong and so on ( ) . Peoples from Guangdong are the biggest beginning of gambles. The China authorities realized that their money are deluging out from their province to Macau ‘s casino and their resort which some of them are owned by American. It had caused the escapes of money from China to America. So, they had limited their people visit to Macau one time in three months ( ) . This limitation had caused the lessening in local tourer reaching and besides diminution in bet oning gross ( ) .

Harmonizing to Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah at the Legislative Assembly on 19 August 2008, “in twelvemonth 2009 gambling grosss would be turning more modestly ” and the sector could besides confront a negative growing ” . It makes the newsman assumed that the Chinese authorities was be aftering to increase once more the limitations on the figure of single visas issued to mainland visitants who want to see the SAR which the mainlanders are merely been allowed an single visa every six months in the new regulations ( ) . The first half month of September 2008, the gross growing of bet oning industry had lag. And the bead of the gambling gross about three quarters through December was caused by the visa limitation from mainland China.

Macau Government Tourist Office – Experience Macau

Macau is a part that has a rich history and besides different civilization which commixture of the Chinese and Lusitanian cultural and besides full of spiritual traditions. Recently, it is turning to concentrate on their cultural and festival to be the new attractive force in their part. In twelvemonth 2008, Macau came out with a motto which is Experience Macau ” to advance their part to their neighbors. To publicize Macau, MGTO held an Experience Macau, Fly Viva Macau ” festival in Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta to approximately brief about Macau and pull more tourers from there ( ) .

Harmonizing to the Eturbonews, Viva Macau Airlines had articulations manus with MTGO to advance Macau touristry in this peculiar festival ( ) . It means that this festival is non merely to increase the growing of tourer come to Macau but besides want the tourer to see the service of Viva Macau Airline which is the lone direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta to increase their income.

The statistic shows that, in twelvemonth 2008, the tourer reaching from Vietnam and besides Indonesia are conspicuously increased 67.25 and 69.2 per centum because of this festival ( ) . In add-on, the gross domestic merchandise besides increased 2.8 per centum from twelvemonth 2007 ( ) . Furthermore, Macau is non merely promoted “ Experience Macau ” in Vietnam and Indonesia but besides other state included Malaysia ( ) . From the figure of tourer reaching in Macau, it shows that Macau had increased in growing of reaching had reached 28 million ( ) .

Harmonizing to Macau daily blog that updated by MGTO, Macau is a hot leisure travel finish for Aussies. To wider the apprehension of the singularity of Macau such as their cultural and besides the historical heritage, they had organized an event in Sidney from 22 to 26 September 2008 ( ) . Organized such an event can give an image to Aussies that Macau as a universe category finish ( ) .

Besides the event above that organized by MGTO, they besides had other program such as Macau Grand Prix, Macau International Fireworks Display Contest, Macau International Music Festival and Macau Food Festival. All of these events play an of import function to the touristry sector by pull more tourers around the universe to see to Macau to heighten their repute and besides image of the part ( ) .

The aim of holding all these events is to heighten the economic consequence on touristry on overall societal and economic efficiency by some scheme waies which are advancing the development of refined touristry merchandises and promote the development of concern touristry, consolidate major beginning markets while researching new combination of international markets, innovate diversified promotional theoretical accounts and prioritise tourers ‘ personal experience and besides perfect public touristry installations and optimise the quality of touristry services ” ( ) .

The consequence of all the event and festival that held in foreign states had achieved the satisfaction reached 10.5 % in the market portion of international visitant reachings in twelvemonth 2008 ( ) . From the tourer ‘s perceptual experience, Macau is a sin metropolis that full of bet oning industry. However, the authorities is put in attempt to alter the tourer ‘s perceptual experience by keeping a batch of festival that related to their civilization in different state to do the tourer think that Macau is non merely celebrated for chancing, but besides civilization.

Macau – UNESCO World Heritage

Tourists are known to go abroad to see the different heritage of that peculiar finish amongst many other grounds. Heritage in Macau is besides one of the chief attractive forces to pull more tourers to come and see in Macau such as those historic streets, residential and the public Portuguese and Chinese edifice ( ) . In 2005, Macau has renowned for holding 17 of its historical memorials on the UNESCO World Heritage list ( ) .

In July 2006, an officer from Macau was visited to Japan and both Macau and JTB which is the largest travel bureau in Japan had agreed to collaborate to welcome more tourers from each topographic point ( ) . Japan Tourists particularly the senior citizens are attracted by the universe heritage sites of Macau because they are more interested to the topographic point which have a batch of cultural heritage like Macau ( ) . Because of the cooperation with JTB, Macau had achieved great touristry consequence in that twelvemonth where the statistic shows the increasing of tourer reachings from Japan included the group tourers and single tourer ( ) .

MGTO had set 2006 as Macau World Heritage Year and come out with a batch of publicities and promotion activities held in Macau and overseas such as the “ Macau Week ” in Vietnam in October 2006 to present the new touristry development, universe cultural heritage of Macau and to promote more tourers from Vietnam visit to the history Centre of Macau ( ) . To foreground the subject, they had set a theoretical account of A-MA Temple and other signature heritage in Macau to demo their priceless World Heritage ( ) . MGTO besides invited Vietnam National Television to bring forth plan on “ The Historic Centre of Macau ” for one hebdomad.

Besides that, MTGO has come out with a construct “ Macau Heritage Passport ” ( ) . The aim of this construct is to heighten the cognition of the visitants to the historic Centre of Macau. The visitants can acquire the cast from the hotels. “ Macau Heritage Passport ” can assist the visitants spend lesser than what they had planned. There are 140 hotels and merchandisers are take parting in this run to acquire extra concern from the tourers ( ) .

Above and beyond, MGTO noticed of the growing of 106 per centum tourer reaching from Malaysia and Malaysia became the 5th largest market beginning for Macau in 2006. Macau had mark Malaysian as possible tourer and launched the touristry run and exposure exhibition in Malaysia ( ) . Macau had set the representative office of MGTO to develop the European market and started to advance Macau touristry from 2005.

The tourer reaching to Macau in 2007 from France had addition 26 per centum from the old twelvemonth. In twelvemonth 2008, Macau started to further advance their cultural heritage to European market which is in France and there is an addition of 23 per centum of the tourer reaching in the beginning of the twelvemonth ( ) .

Harmonizing to Joao Costa Antunes, manager of the Macau Tourism Office, there are more than 30 1000000s of tourers visited to Macau in 2008 and they are traveling to increase publicity on Historical Heritage in 2009 ( ) . The chief aim of all the publicities and public activities held in local and besides overseas is to demo Macau alone civilization heritage to everyone around the universe and to foreground Macau ‘s image as a popular touristry finish.


As we know there are a batch issues that will act upon Macau particularly their touristry industry. The first issue that I had mentioned supra is about planetary fiscal crisis that had affected Macau economic severely particularly their gambling gross. The planetary fiscal crisis make China decided to curtail visa for the states to travel in to Macau to avoid the money outflow from their state, particularly linkages from bet oning sector. But however, we can non deny that bet oning industry in Macau had make the part go a major tourer finish.

However, Macau is making their best to concentrating in other attractive force which is their historic cultural and heritage. And they besides successfully image their part as a popular touristry finish in the universe.

From the research, we know that more and more people in Macau are care about their environment. To carry through their hope, CEM ( Companhia de Electricidade de Macau ) had put in attempt in it and decided to set up an award which is Environmental Excellence Award to strongly protect the environment in their part ( ) . Make this award can besides promote more people to take part in this activity to care and make a better environment and guarantee the safety of the part. Overall, the aim is to convey in more tourers non merely from local but from all over the universe.


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