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Life is not a matter of chance but rather a matter of choice - Transfer Essay introduction. This perspective has been my driving point to succeed in life. I believe everything happens for a reason and no matter how big a person dreams, it will eventually happen at the right time and with a great purpose. My personal and academic experiences made me decide to pursue a degree in (insert intended course here) at the New York University. I look forward to transferring to this school because this is the best way to make all my dreams a reality come true.

I am a Chinese student who was born and raised in Hong Kong. Right after finishing high school in my homeland, I decided to pursue my college education at a community college in Los Angeles. My educational experience at that school in Los Angeles for 2 years motivated me to have a change of environment because I am confident that there’s more that lies ahead of me when I transfer to NYU.

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The school transfer is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Being in New York is more than a dream comes to life for me because this city is where diverse students and professionals are made of. The location of NYU is strategic because it is set at the very heart of New York. Comparing to the city where I came from, Los Angeles was too mild and relaxed while New York is full of life and tension. I always dream of being in this kind of place because it will always lead to my maturity.

Being an international student, one of my primary objectives being in the United States is to have the best education. With hopes and persuasion in mind, I look forward to the many days of learning at NYU because it will lead to my fulfillment as a professional in the future. New York University offers many famous programs like film and metropolitan studies. NYU has wide array of academic resources and library systems which can be utilized in all of my subjects.

Learning about (insert name of your course here) is not that easy but I am a person who does not easily give up and always seek for possibilities of gaining knowledge. There are university professors at NYU who are experts in honing student skills and abilities. One of the great professors at NYU that I always look up to is Professor Russell Hardin. I really appreciate his ideas and the techniques in teaching because it is advance and attractive. Good mentoring is also one way of guiding students reach the peak of success.

The education I will gain from NYU will make me a competent student that can compete with the rest of the great students. Studying at NYU is the best choice for me because I will be studying in a reputable university that recruits only the finest students. With all that has been said and done, I anticipate my education with success.


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