Why I Want to Transfer Universities and Change My Major from Finance to Architecture

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My name is Yunqi Yan from Hangzhou, China. I believed that I am a highly motivated, mature, and exceptional individual who has the capability of learning new skills in the field of architecture. This belief has prompted me to apply to your Architectural Program at Washington University in st. louis. I see Washington University is offering a dynamic program focusing on shaping individuals into professional architects.

The institution has a well-laid foundation of its mission statement which is articulated in its learning objectives. It has invested heavily in modern technology which makes it process the necessary resources to teach this profession. I feel that in the wake of digitalization in architectural field demands prolific and dynamic individuals with the urge to challenge the equilibrium by designing skyscrapers, mega bridges and malls to match globalized world. I believe that Washington University has ample resources to help me master this profession.

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Currently, I am a double major in 3D Design BFA and finance student at University of Iowa. I would like to acknowledge that it was not my plan. My decision was influenced by my parents’ success story in their financial careers. I originally thought I would pursue, then I found that this was not my passion or path to success. I always wanted to be an architect. This prompted me to choose a double major in 3D Design and Finance. However, it has reached a point where I need to define my passion and path to pursue. This has made me decide to follow my heart as far as my career path is concerned. My decision is anchored in the realization that even though shortcuts can make life easy, they are not the safest paths. Therefore, I have made a desire to drop finance and study my dream career.

Moreover, I feel that the principles of finance and theories do not align with my beliefs. During one class, my professor discussed the concept of “property and investment.” He thinks his wife conceptualizes a house as a place for the family to gather and enjoy family time, but according to his principle that house is an asset and has a high value in the real estate market. I disagreed with my professor’s opinion since I believe that a house is a social property that brings a family together. In my case, I regard the value of a house as a use rather than a commodity value. A house brought me my parents’ love and friendship, and those things could never be exchanged for money as postulated by my professor. Ultimately, the principles and theories of architecture compelling me to study it.

There is one hurdle in my pursuit to become a practicing architect. This is University of Iowa does not offer architecture program. As a result, I decided to pursue a BFA in 3d design program. In this field, my main has been focus on utility objects. Some of them include chairs, trays, lamps, etc. The courses will help me major contribute in gaining experience in the real industrial world. During my design process, my first step is always to do research about the project in libraries and online resources when I am assigned a project. This helped me to avoid similar design, and absurd ergonomics problems. Secondly, I will make either tens of hand sketches or software sketches based on different projects.

Through the sketching, I will discover different forms and shapes and pick the best one I think to continue to the next step. Third step I always do is to make small scale models. It helps me to figure out the right dimension and explore the problems or final effect of real materials. Last step will be having the one to one scale model that I can test its function ready, after testing I can make final changes on blueprints and make the final piece.

Besides that, I am also proud to state that I score an overall grade of 3.1 with an exemplary performance of 3.78 in art major. Additionally, I scored good grades in all design courses, making me an expert in Autocad and 3ds Max software. I am so processioned at mathematics particularly calculus which I have shown exemplary results which I believed it will be helpful that to take structure courses. Based on 4 points scale.

Lastly, I have also acquired useful experienced in my previous employments. I worked as an intern in the Bank of China in Hangzhou for three months. During my tenure, I was able to interact with different departments, thus learning how banking systems are integrated. I also worked as a restaurant manager where I learned how to lead people and the role of the manager in a business. Moreover, I interned at research and development department in Jason Furniture (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd for three months. Through working in these different positions, I learnt the importance of customer satisfaction which can be a necessary in client satisfactory.

Moreover, the idea of build outstanding models are becoming more and more real to me with designs and architectural work preoccupying the better part of my life. Sometimes I find myself spending countless hours, night and day, meditating upon designs while concentrating details about complex architectural systems. In this way, Steven Holl one of the famous architects inspired me. His designs and materials are well polished to bring out in this field of architecture.

Also it is my honor to study under his two awarded buildings: Art Building West and Visual Arts Building. Therefore, I am more equipped with relevant knowledge, skills and personal attributes that are crucial for a successful career path. Words cannot describe the enthusiasm I have. I am fully aware of the challenge that lies ahead of me, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I am the next biggest name in the field of architecture!

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