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True Life Story of the Film “El Presidente”



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    What is “El Presidente”? Is that story came from the past that filipino have experience? Is it important to student like us to learn the past history of our country? El Presidente, that is the film based on the life of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Philippine Republic. Well, that a true life story and an historical experience that filipino have experience in their life. Yes, it is very important to student like us to learn and maintain in our mind the history of our country. That’s the only thing that filipino can be proud of.

    While we maintain in our mind the history of our country, it can help us, like the student, in our daily life, we can use the learnings in the past and use it the near future. As I watch the movie it is said the the story is told in flashbacks as Emilio Aguinaldo thanks the US government for giving him the opportunity to attend the full restoration of Philippine independence on July 4, 1946. As the rebels gain ground in Cavite and several provinces, its Magdalo and Magdiwang factions convene to elect a provisional government.

    Andres Bonifacio oversees the Tejeros Convention, which elects Aguinaldo as president, Mariano Trias as vice-president, and himself as interior minister. He storms out of the convention when Daniel Tirona objects to his election. Aguinaldo’s brother Crispulo informs him of his accession and convinces him to leave his troops just as he was seeking to defend against the Spaniards at Pasong Santol. The rebels are defeated and Crispulo was killed. Meanwhile, an embittered Bonifacio establishes his own revolutionary government and is later arrested.

    Aguinaldo is concerned about Bonifacio’s actions and wanted him exiled, but the War Council advises his execution. Several months later, Aguinaldo leaves Cavite with most of his forces intact and makes it to Biac-na-Bato in Bulacan,where he signs the Pact of Biak- na-Bato and heads for Hong Kong. There he meets with US officials who approach him with offers of support and recognition of a new Philippine Republic amidst the Spanish- American War.

    Aguinaldo returns to the Philippines and formally declares independence from Spain. As a result, Aguinaldo’s forces travel all over northern Luzon to escape the Americans. General Gregorio del Pilar volunteers to lead some troops in holding them off at Tirad Pass and buy Aguinaldo time to get away. His loyal courier is later captured by the Americans while getting some medicine for his son. Now aware of Aguinaldo’s hideout, Funston plans his capture.

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