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Trust And Its Importance

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    Are one of the most fundamental and essential feelings a person can have towards another. Trust is gained over elongated periods of time, but, it can be lost in a single action. Thus making trust very important not only for the person gaining it, but also to the one giving it. It makes both parties feel a connection of sorts, and that with more trust, the connection grows stronger and the relationship becomes healthier. Though, a little bit of trust can go quite a long way, this shows that there is at least some effort to make a healthy connection and relationship with one another. Since trust can take a long time to obtain depending on the situation that lead to mistrust, you must cherish it and try your hardest to keep it when you do have it.

    To be trustworthy is to be honest and true to your word. It’s in the word itself, to be worthy of trust. Honesty in itself is important because of how it gives someone accurate information, they trust you enough to believe it and base their mindset around that information you gave them. To give false information is to give someone a false mindset, overall just wasting each others time and losing trust in the process. But even though there is that at stake, people still do it whether it’s to protect, because of fear, because you feel like you have to, but in reality there is no good excuse to lie. To be trustworthy is to constantly tell the truth no matter the outcome to secure your trust with someone. It is better to be trusted than to not because the person who doesn’t trust you may not be willing to trust you again, and it’s not as if you have an unlimited amount of chances to just throw away with unnecessary lies.

    Sometimes people lie because they feel like it will make things easier or resolve something that would too long if they hadn’t lied. But in the end, someone is going to find out and even though it might make things easier at the time, it just makes things more complicated and tedious making the situation of finding a simple solution somewhat ironic. Despite these circumstances and their consequences, I choose to lie on a multitude of occasions. This includes instances where I have been told not to do something, like eat food in my room, and I disregard these statements even though I know that I am not allowed to do so. Even though I get caught doing this and know the consequences will only get harsher, I continued to do it. My reasoning behind this was that I believed that I wouldn’t be caught and that it was just easier to eat in my room rather than going out and eating in the living room.

    There is no rightful excuse for my actions and why they continued after many reminders that I was doing something wrong. Since I got caught on a multitude of occasions, trust was lost more and more with each time making it more and more difficult to gain trust again. Trust is important, but should be even more important with the ones that you love because they only want what is best for you. Another instance when I again betrayed the honor system is my continuous examples of me using technology after hours. It has been told to me many times that this was not only bad for my eyesight, but for my health both mental and physical, despite these warnings I stayed up anyway.

    Since this was becoming an apparent issue in my life, I was given a consequence for those actions, though, overtime I kept doing it with the consequences growing more and more. Why I did this isn’t really apparent to me either, I knew that I was supposed to go to bed but I suppose the temptation of an online world combats my thoughts in that situation. I can see how this is an issue because of how it affects my sleeping habits, but more importantly it affects the amount of trust we have between you and I. Because in the reality of honesty, if you aren’t trusted in small ways meaning that you lied about something simple, why should you be believed when it comes to bigger situations?

    How does this affect me when I have my own car, or when I want to borrow something? It effects me very much so because of how trust is incredibly important, it isn’t given away like candy, its earned from acts of honesty and trust. In conclusion, trust is important because with it you are respected and remembered for it, and without it you are doubted and may not be willing to do certain things. My previous examples of how I have disobeyed the general rule of trust has had affected me on many occasions. I understand that trust is very important to who I am as a person, and more importantly, who I will become in the future when I am an adult working for someone.

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