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Trust, respect and responsibility

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    Being truthful is key to establishing trust in relationships of any type. If you give your word to someone that you are going to do something, it’s a must you do it. I believe trust is the main important thing in a relationship. If you don’t have trust in a relationship, what do you have? Nothing. Because without trust you would not be able to have confidence to share your feelings, emotions, and self with someone else. Trust means you believe in one another. When you extend your trust to someone, it means that you have no doubt in your mind about the honesty in the relationship you have with this person whether it be with friends, family, or someone special in your life. If I was to find out someone I love and care about lied to me I would not only be devastated but I would be hurt beyond belief. Not only because they lied but because I don’t trust many people and when I do I trust them with my life. I personally don’t think if someone I trusted at one point broke that trust between us I would ever be able to trust or even look at them the same. Under some circumstances I believe in second chances but when it comes to something like cheating a second chance wouldn’t even be in the ball park for them. The confident expectation of something; hope is what trust would be defined as if you looked it up in the dictionary. But I believe we all have a different definition on trust.

    Like me, my definition of trust would be something along the lines of being able to trust somebody with your life, being able to believe that they wouldn’t hind anything from you and that trust comes along with being honest. The most trustworthy person I have in my life right now would have to be my boyfriend; he has never once done anything to break the trust in our relationship. He’s always honest and he is always there for me when I need him. Two examples of someone being trust worthy to me would be when my boyfriend was open and honest with me when somebody sent him an inappropriate picture and told me about it Another time would be when I talked to my step mom about something important and that nobody knew and didn’t tell anybody behind my back. Two examples of someone being trustworthy to somebody else would be when Slim in Of Mice and Men let somebody else put his sick dog out of his misery by killing it. Another example of someone showing that they are trust worthy is when you borrow something of theirs and you bring it back exactly the way it looked before, if not better.

    Trustworthiness is very important to me because without you what do you have? I believe every relationship from a friend, a family member, or a boyfriend or girlfriend that you should be able to trust them with everything from the trust fall or keeping a secret that they haven’t opened up about and if they can’t do that then there probably isn’t any trust. Do I think that people to practice trust in society? Yes, to a point. Now a days it is hard to trust people out in the real world when there is so much crime and you never know what anybody is going to do or whether or not they are a good or a bad guy. Respect

    Respect is a critical element in all relationships. Respect means showing genuine regard for the worth of people, including you. When students respect others, they treat them with consideration and courtesy and d not violet them physically or verbally. Respect doesn’t mean we hold everybody in high esteem or admire them. It means that everyone’s safety and well being matters, and that all people have special value. The person I respect the most in my life right now would be my mom. Two examples of someone showing me respect would be when I was working and a customer was upset but never once showed a sign of disrespect. Another would be when I’m in school and the way our teachers talk to us. Two examples when people showed respect with somebody else is when somebody respectfully told somebody the truth and another time when they tell somebody the truth. Respect is an important part in life for me because I can’t stand when people are disrespectful and are nothing but rude to people all the time because they are just unhappy in their lives. Yes, I believe it is important for people to practice respect in society. Responsibility

    The most responsible person I know would have to be my boyfriend. He never misses a day of work, he never once misses a day of school and he always takes care of everything he has to do. I believe people would say that I am responsible. I may not always go to school but I still get done what I have to get done by the due date, if not before and I am the one who cleans the house and make sure it’s never dirty so it is actually livable. I don’t see myself has the most responsible but I am as much as I can be at the age that I am at right now. “A particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible, the responsibly of authority.” Two examples of how I am responsible would be that I always do things on time and to the best of my ability and the second would be that I always do what I am asked.

    Two examples of me not being responsible would be when I was failing math and I didn’t do anything to try and solve the problem, I kind of just gave up thinking I was never going to be able to even get my grade up to just a passing grade. Another example would be when I let myself fall behind on cleaning, because my house is never dirty and when it gets really dirty I feel like I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. Responsibility is important to me because it has a way of forming who somebody is. It shows people how they are and how much they truly care about things. I do believe that it’s not that important for people to practice in society because if you really think about it a lot of people already seem to have it there is only a little majority that don’t.

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