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Turning Point of My Life

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Looking back on it. my life was reasonably apparent and clear. I have been populating a simple and unworried life of all time since I can retrieve thanks to the protection and cradling of my household. particularly with the love from my male parent. I took everything for granted without recognizing their importance. That was until 4 months ago when my male parent got a awful disease called Stroke. he can go forth the infirmary now but he hasn’t to the full recovered yet since so.

and it was really lay waste toing to my household.

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Turning Point of My Life
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During the clip my male parent was in the infirmary. I was really frightened and that made me believe a batch about my life. Father has been a wall protecting me despite all my ignorance and error. but I had hidden myself behind that wall for excessively long without cognizing that it won’t be at that place everlastingly and one twenty-four hours I myself have to go a wall as strong to protect my ain household.

including my male parent. The door to the outside universe. to a topographic point that will do the kid in me turn up is ever at that place waiting to be opened. it’s merely locked because of my fright and indecision.

The illness of my male parent left some clefts on the wall but the light reflecting through will give me the bravery to take a measure outside and go a great adult male merely like my male parent. As you can see. I have depicted that experience of mine in the image above. The walls represent my male parent with the clefts represent his illness. I illustrated the outside universe with a rainbow form to show its complexness as opposed to the simpleness of my universe inside the walls where everything is single-colored. The light reflecting through the clefts wakes the kid ( me ) from his sleep in his “pink” bed to walk through the door and happen his true colourss.

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