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Two Of The Most Disastrous Wars

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    During the year 1918 and 1945, two of the worlds most catastrophic wars had come to an undisputable end. Both wars leaving behind famine and destruction. Respectively, there was World War 1 followed by the Great Depression, The New Deal, and World War 2. Ironically it seems as though historically we seemed to have been traveling in a nonlinear direction having to rebuild from our destruction then destroying again. Many of the events that took place during the World Wars can correlate with the events that took place afterward. In comparison, one can see how America played a crucial role in both Wars. Many argue that America saved the world during both wars by entering the Wars and annihilating their enemies with total destruction. When a War is declared funding is needed to execute. During World War 1, the American government increased taxes while continuing to sell bonds with interest. This took a hard fall within society because due to the shortage of fuel and other necessities that were needed for battle. Civilians needed to pay more for their products because of the limited resources. Financing a War is not easy and America had to pay up. While on the bright side there were more jobs opening up to help fight against the opposing countries.

    After World War 1 ended Europe’s economy needed to reevaluate their economic decline. Some may argue that World War 1 had its fair share of effects that impacted the Great Depression for the New Deal Era to begin. If we were to juxtapose how similar the effects of World War 1 were on the New Deal Era we ’d come to realize that similar events took place after and many lessons were learned. World War 1 helped shape World War 2 with the ideology of better technology and strategic planning. Furthermore, some may argue that World War 2 was the pinnacle reason for the Great Depression coming to an end. An article on Forbes, Peter Ferra mentions how World War 2 helped open jobs and industrialization. The War was taxing on the American people but was able to begin the flow of currency back into the banks and bonds. The unemployment rate declined and Amerca was ultimately able to prove to the world their dominance during Wolrd War 2 as well. The New Deal, however, was an attempt by President Franklin Roosevelt to stop the American debt and bring the American people out of the Great Depression while creating new jobs and increasing tax payment to pay off the current loans. The increase in loans took place and the American debt increase. Additionally, another issue the world face during the Great Depression Era is that the stock market crash of 1929 impacted not only America but the world.

    After World War 2 a lot of European investors were skeptical about the European market and wanted to invest in more safer alternatives. They also began to invest in the American market therefor when the market crashed many Europeans were impacted by this downfall as well causing Europeans to have to pull out their invested money. In conclusion, both Wolrd Wars have played a major role in shaping our society today. One can not be certain whether certain events directly affected one another but one can use correlations to understand how things have changed. The Great Depression was a time that the Americans needed to overcome. Now whether one believes that the New Deal Era is what was able to bring the American people out of their depression or if it was the beginning of World War 2 may continue to stay up for grabs but what is certain is that all these historical events have been able to teach humanity many lessons about the effects of war, economic decline, and incline, and to be able to understand the outcomes of decisions that were made in the past to prevent future catastrophes.

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