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Types of Co-Workers



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    Based on my working experience, co-workers who I have worked with can be classified into four types. The first type, I call the commoner. This kind of co-workers is typically a good person and he or she usually causes very little trouble. This type of co-worker is friendly, helpful and usually participated in every meeting. If I get along with this type is generally a breeze, tasks would be finished on time. When I worked in a project and they were my team member, it was grateful for working at least.

    I could rely on him or her tasks and pieces of tasks were not procrastinated. The second type of co-workers is the complainer. This kind of these people typically is annoying the work environment. I found that they were also the gossiper somehow. Some people in this group might work less than talking because their attention was about people and the working systems instead of thinking about any kinds of solutions. The important thing was I had to be aware of their gossiping due to the consequences and the limits of the relationship with them.

    The third type of the co-worker is the competitor, he or she has a lot of ambition and typically love showing off any performances to other colleagues and bosses in the meeting. I found in my last company, she might be well-known and tried to get involved in any activities of company. Sometimes I felt like I was in a national competition with her. But if she got a promotion ahead, the escalator would be needed for me. The last type is the workaholic, they usually come early and leave out the office late. In my case, when we had lunch with them, they were likely to talk about work things.

    Although this kind of co-worker did not seem conflicting, a workaholic could actually be difficult to work with. Some people in this group might be perfectionists, but some did not seem working smart people and also were tardy workers. Even though four types of co-workers are not all types that people may face in all places, those are generally found and may be unpredictable and deniable. It is clear to me that it takes time to get to know their work style in a new workplace in the future, then I can understand how best to keep a pleasant work environment.

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