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Unit 210 Support learning activities

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Unit 210 Support learning activities .
Assessment Criteria
Outcome 1 Support the teacher in planning learning activities 1.1 Describe how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities

Helping in activities would be delivery, if you pass on ideas, observations or suggestions that would be contributing to planning. Informal discussion with the teacher about what weekly and daily activities that will be taking place. This form of planning is known as short term and would be the most likely that a teaching assistant would be involved in.

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Unit 210 Support learning activities
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The teacher may put some time aside to discuss each week’s activities with the teaching assistant, this would normally allow for any suggestions to be made. Delivering may be by setting up the room with the correct resources before the lesson takes place and laying out the tables and chairs etc. One to one support may be needed for some pupils; this should have been discussed before the lesson. It may be that the T.

A is put to work with one specific table/group of children or just float around the classroom and be available if any of the children ask for help.

Outcome 3 Support learning activities
3.4 Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these
Insufficient resources: A learning task usually requires resources such as pencils, paper, worksheets,, paint pots, paint brushes etc. If there are not enough resources for each pupil then the learning activity could be disrupted because someone would have to leave the room to collect more resources, which wastes valuable learning time. One way to prevent this from happening is by collecting enough resources for the day to go around. It is also important to check that equipment is safe and working and that nothing is broken in any way and that I am aware of how to use it safely.

Environment : A lot of noise will be a distraction whether it is from other children in the room, from some kind of outside disturbance such as grass cutting, or from a different area of the school such as the corridor or small hall. To deal with these situations T.A must remind the children to work as quietly as possible, and by shutting windows and doors to minimize the disruption. Temperature : If the room is too hot or too cold you will need to adapt the environment in a way that it is right or move somewhere else because pupils concentration breaks with distractions such as change in temperature. Overcrowded : over crowding can cause a lot of noise and especially lack of concentration therefore it is important to ensure that a sufficient amount of pupils are in a classroom at one time.If You are able to control the numbers you will know where every pupil is,you will know that you can take control and you are able to ensure there is full concentration. Behaviour : positive behaviour ,consequence

Concentration : Pupils have a very short attention span and lose their concentration and this can be caused by disturbances from other pupils.The reason for this is that some pupils find only certain activities interesting therefore the time that they are not interested they will be distracting others.To avoid this problem Teaching Assistant can pay a bit more attention and find a mode of communication to keep the pupil engaged with the activity like everyone else.If this is not possible then pupil should be dealt with and provided its conseqeunces. Outcome 5 Support the evaluation of learning activities

5.1 Describe the importance of evaluating learning activities

It’s important to evaluate your work with pupils so that you can get feedback to the teacher it also means reflecting on how the activity has gone and why things may have gone a certain way .You may ask yourself the following questions : 1. What went well? How do you know it went well? (pupils reaction to the task and how much time available) 2.What did not go so well? How do you know?

3. Did you need to change any aspect of the activity as you were working ?How ? 4.How would you change the approach if you carried out the activity again ? How? Evaluating ensures that :
Learners understand what the assistant means
Tasks are measured to see if achievable
It ensures that the task was followed by the original pupil objective

Unit 210 Support learning activities .
Assessment Criteria
Describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development. It is very important to recognise and respond to concerns in children’s development including the environment ,learning resources and their activities as here are the areas where main problems occur. If these problems are solved and dealt with it ensures that pupils are able to continue learning and developing their skills appropriately.

Learning resources: During certain activities learning support assistant will be required to set up the classroom in need of pencils ,paper, text books, paints etc. It is important to make sure that there is a sufficient number of resources for everyone and that everyone knows how to use it.This will ensure every pupil can benefit well from the activity in all areas of their development and the health and safety is also considered .If a teacher has asked to set up it is important you check that you have everything you need in order to avoid problems before they arise.

Learning environment: Problems may arise in the environment as shown below : Too much noise- There is usually external noise which can distract pupils from their task such as roads or building work therefore it is important to recognise those and move to better learning environment and inform the teacher of the issue. Insufficient space to work – There are times when there are too many pupils round the same table therefore the concentration levels decrease so for a learning assistant it is important to ensure everyone has sufficient space to engage in their activities.For example during a weighing activity everyone should have space or else they will get distracted and interrupt those who are engaging and could cause health and safety hazards.

Disturbances from others- This is one of the most common problems in a classroom as some activities can be more interesting to some than others.They may be interesting what some other pupils are doing and if this is a continual problem you must inform the teacher. Incorrect temperature – This can affect pupils concentration a whole lot more than anything else so as a learning support assistant you must ensure that the temperature is kept right for pupils to work in.For example if it is too hot or too cold pupils will either be hot and bothered or freezing so you must either open the windows or air conditioner or have the radiators on. Size of furniture- You must ensure that the size of furniture is appropriate to the child’s age to make it easy access and make it more comfortable.

There are also a variety of reasons why pupils are not able to achieve their objectives and this may be due to: Poor behaviour- Always praise the good behaviour of any pupils who are doing what they are told as this sometimes makes others who are misbehaving realise and reflect and act better within a classroom environment but if the misbehaving continues inform a teacher. Pupils self-esteem- This can affect a child’s learning a lot as if they do not believe they are good at a task they will not engage so for a learning assistant it is important to encourage the pupil to “have a go” Lack of concentration – There may be a few reasons to as why a pupil find it hard to concentrate .The work may be at a wrong education level. Some pupils especially the younger ones have a short attention span and the task may be taking too long to complete .They may also not be able to concentrate if there are troubles at home or if they have fallen out with their friends .You may need to take time to talk to them alone to help them focus .

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