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Unit Assignment Chris Wiginton

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We now use lightning fast networks that include broadband, TTL , satellite and digital wireless connections. The modernization of network technology has enabled the invention of cell phones, and other devices that allow users to access the Web and other networks from almost anywhere in the world and beyond. The advancement in network technology has led to its share of security risks. Attacks against networks, user’s personal information and corporate information have changed how the world deals with network security. The idea f Network Security is no longer an afterthought but the driving force in all network designs.

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Unit Assignment Chris Wiginton
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IT managers are now concerned with securing data, ensuring only authorized end users have access to resources, and protecting the integrity of hardware, software and devices. A converged network has many of the same risks and susceptibility to threats as you might find if you were dealing with two separate networks. Denial of Service attacks against banks data storage servers could cause a lot of harm and potentially cause the loss of millions of Lars, Identification theft or loss of confidence for the organization.

Converged networks place more information and resources in line with each other than would be found in having separate networks for each network needed to operate a company. This just means IT managers have to place all safeguards in one place. Wireless or mobile technology has added another dimension to information technology and information technology security. With the advent of cell phones, tablets and other Smart devices, many new challenges have evolved in the IT community.

The manufacturers of these devices, in order to stay competitive, have to consider the devices capabilities, cost, and what think to be the most important aspect is, the security of the device. Mobile devices offer many opportunities in the modern work force that a person would not have with a desktop computer. Mobile devices offer flexibility that allows a person to work from virtually anywhere. The only limitation is network connectivity, and with a satellite connection this means the workplace is almost endless.

Many companies re now moving in the direction of mobile technology but as with most new technologies the cost is high. In order for a company to fully integrate mobile technology they will need to perform a cost-benefit analysis and determine if the investment is justified. Data security and authentication processes/standards have been put place and are continually being updated that make mobile computing safe and reliable. These standards have made it easier and more cost effective for companies to operate across multiple platforms while maintaining system integrity, security and usability.

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