Urban Conservation in Shanghai Essay

Paper Keywords: Shanghai heritage protection legal system, management system Abstract: urban heritage protection work in Shanghai Urban Planning and Construction Management is an important content. In the last 20 years exploration and practice formed a relatively complete legal and management system. The paper made a comprehensive overview of the system , and its operational characteristics and advantages and disadvantages are analyzed.

Shanghai has long attached great importance to historic buildings and historic districts establish and gradually improve the protection of a strict management system of urban history, cultural heritage protection to protect the historical features of the city promote improved urban quality of the urban Culture shaped the spirit of the city and further highlights the history and Culture in Shanghai city with a modern international metropolis mingled with unique charm.

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Urban Conservation in Shanghai
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Shanghai has 13 national key cultural relics protection units and 113 municipal units. And in 1989, 1994, 1999, in four batches in 2005 has identified a total of 2 154 663. The total area of about 400 million m = a construction for outstanding historical buildings (of which 6} at the cultural relics protection units) Established in Shanghai in 2003 in 12 downtown Historic District, including the Bund, Old City, Hengshan Road, Fuxing Road, People’s Square, Nanjing Road West.

Yuyuan. Xinhua Road, Sanin Road. Tilanqiao. Jiangwan, Longhua, Hongqiao Road historical and cultural total area is 27km ‘accounted for the old city of Shanghai, Shanghai has established I/3e2.. 5 suburbs and the Pudong New Area 32 Historic District, with a total area of about 14km’. Shanghai’s urban historical and cultural heritage protection has been gradually formed a set of effective legal system and management mechanism. Shanghai historical and cultural heritage protection system and gradually complete the course of animal Research for the pilot … Early in the 20th century 5. ‘s Shanghai began to proceed with the architectural history of the three urban history (ancient history. Modern and Contemporary History) investigation of the Shanghai Modern Architectural History, especially the induction of the initial architectural history of the historic building for the later protection work to lay a preliminary foundation. reform and opening up, published

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