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Compare and Contrast Shanghai and Sydney

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Shanghai is a city full of many different cultures, landscapes and history. As we compare both Shanghai and Sydney I will compare and contrast the similarities and the differences of each city such as: The area and population, transport systems, shopping as well as entertainment and leisure and public buildings.

Area and population The first major between Shanghai and Sydney is in their area and population. Both cities are on the coast, and Shanghai is around 6340. 5 square kilometres, whereas Sydney is around 12145 square kilometres.

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Compare and Contrast Shanghai and Sydney
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Also, the population of Shanghai is estimated to be about 16. 74 million, with a floating population of about 4 million. However, Sydney has around 4. 4 million residents highlighting the difference between Shanghai and Sydney’s population densities. Transport systems

No matter what the city, the transport systems are very important. Both cities have extensive public transport systems, largely based on buses, ferries, taxis and railways. In Shanghai, all of these public transport systems can be accessed using the Shanghai Public Transportation Card, whereas Sydney, all of these public transport systems need different tickets.

In Sydney, at the same time, many families use theirs own private cars. This also formed part of the transport systems.

On the other hand, Shanghai has a commercial maglev line, the first and only one in the world, so fewer cars are used. Shopping Shopping is another important part of daily life in both Sydney and Shanghai, in both cities shopping is fun and exciting, and an obvious difference however is the variety found in many commercial streets in Shanghai, which are always busy and flourishing. Business hours in Shanghai are from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. everyday with holiday trading hours tending to be longer and some stores even opening all night!

Sydney also has any commercial streets however trading hours tend to be shorter with stores opting to open at 9 a. m. and close by 5 p. m. except on Thursday’s when many close at 9 p. m. Also, in Shanghai shopping centres are predominantly larger with 5-8 levels compared to Sydney which usually has between 2-4 levels, highlighting and contrasting the difference in population density shown with larger buildings and more small businesses. Entertainment and leisure The entertainment and leisure differ.

The Shanghai International Film Festival is annually held in the city. The city has also hosted the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit every year since 2004. Shanghai is also home to a number of professional sports teams, including Shanghai’s Shenhua of the Chinese Football Association Super League, the Shanghai’s Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association, and the Shanghai’s Eagles of the Chinese Baseball League. Whereas in Sydney has The Festival of Sydney, which is held every January.

It is also a dynamic cultural centre that has a rich year-round program of world-class performances, outdoor events and festivals that make the city’s outdoor and cultural lifestyle unique. The city is home to a range of internationally acclaimed arts organisations including: Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Sydney Dance Company and so on. Public buildings The final dissimilarity between these two cities is in public buildings. Shanghai has China’s tallest building.

The Shanghai World Financial Centre is 1,600 feet high and has 101 floors. It stands with 88 floors Jin Mao Building and the Oriental Pearl TV tower in Pudong Lujiazui Area. Conversely, Sydney’s public buildings are not known because of height. For instance, the St Mary’s Cathedral, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. They are famous for their design instead. In conclusion, both Shanghai and Sydney are very similar; both have unique histories and share rare and charming cultures.

By comparing and contrasting Sydney and Shanghai’s Area and populations, transport systems, shopping, entertainment and leisure and public buildings I have concluded that Shanghai’s population density is larger highlighted by the difference in landmass with the amount of people living per sq metre, also that Sydney’s transport system is different as public transport is used almost as frequently as private transport, at the same time different shopping concept make various shopping environment, and belong to their own holiday which influenced the city’s cultural life, in addition, not only Shanghai’s public buildings but also Sydney’s public buildings, they are also very famous in the world, so I believe that no matter which city you live, you will enjoy.

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