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Mobile phone craze

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Why people nowadays prefer using mobile phone to using telephone ? Although many researches indicated that mobile phones have some bad influences on human, The number of people using mobile phones are increasing every year. First of all , I’ll talk about the advantages of cell phone and how does it influence to our daily life . The most obvious advantages of mobile phone are that it can be mobilized. People can use mobile phones everywhere they want such as buses, companies, schools etc.

Meanwhile, telephones are immobilized which is hard to use outside . On the other hand, mobile phones can help the users to contact the other people.

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Mobile phone craze
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People can make a simple phone call or send a message with their photos . I have a mobile phone and it is really useful for me to call my family, my friends or chat with many people and share my pictures. Moreover , life is not interesting without mobile phone because many entertaining functions can be used in mobile phones.

It is unbelievable that mobile phone provide many good entertainment like taking a photo, playing games, listening to music, connecting Internet, reading book etc. So what about the disadvantages ? Do those things make the bad effect to our healthy? .

As we all know that , The main fundamental rules of cell phone base on electromagnetic wave . And this kind of wave often harms to our healthy if using it chronically by making some serious illnesses such as : mental problems , reproductive problems etc. Moreover , The distractions which it brings to us will effect to our work . We can’t focus on working because too much entertaining things on a smart cell phone .

That’s my opinions about this topic. Thanks for listening .

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