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Millet company was established in 201 0, the time of millet mobile phone four years rapid development. Some experts think that the market positioning of millet mobile phone, communication channels and marketing model is the reasons for its success. According to Gao Jingo(2014)Although millet mobile phone with high profile and low price advantage to win a large number of customers, but the sales performance and innovation of unpopular marketing strategy are inseparable. 2 Through further investigation, the experts found that millet mobile phone mimic Apple mobile phone marketing mode, it mainly uses the “hunger marketing” approach.

According to Hung marketing through the release of cargo rhythm control plan, resulting in a large area of stock market’s situation or the illusion, rarity, and triggered a large-scale sought after consumers. 3 This kind of marketing the millet mobile hone occupy most of the market share, other enterprises can use the same way to achieve the purpose of profit is also report the contents of the research. Ill . Research design 3. 1 Types of the research This is an descriptive research. Descriptive research is used to describe characteristics of a population or phenomenon being studied.

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It does not answer questions about how/when/why the characteristics occurred. Rather it addresses the “what” question. The characteristics used to describe the situation or population are usually some kind of categorical scheme also known as descriptive categories. 3. Research method 3. 2. Literature research Literature research is the discussion of existing data and developments within phenomena. It is aimed at revealing shortcomings, developments and ideas for future research in that field. Literature research usually shows the advancement of findings throughout time.

The study through a lot of reading, find relevant literature summarize its regularity. 3. 2. 2 Questionnaire survey A survey is a form with several questions on it to be answered by the general public. It is used mainly to collect information or feedback about customers or a product. Questionnaire about millet mobile phone including pricing tragedy, market positioning, sales channels, etc. Please refer to Appendix . IV . Data processing and analysis Figure 1 : The familiarity of millet company From Figure 1 we can see that 92. 1% of people know what is the millet company , So the millet company is quite high. Its product and services are involved in many fields. Figure 2 Source:http://blob. Among. Com/index. PH/2012/01/17/ In 2011 , millet mobile phone because of high cost performance by countless fans crazy love, millet mobile phone has become very famous. Figure 2 shows, during on December 15, 201 1 to December 31 201 1, the number of sales of millet mobile phone. According to the survey of the index website, millet mobile phone in the top ten popular mobile phone models have the four position. Figure 3:The understand channel about millet mobile phone Most of the respondents through contact with millet mobile phone by network. Another channel is through friends introduction. This shows that the network is one of the millet mobile phone publicity channels. And 27. 91 % of users sincerely like millet mobile phone, they would be happy to free publicity for the millet mobile phone . These people may become loyal users. Why do people like millet mobile phone? Why millet mobile phone can rapid placement? I will be explained through the chart.

Figure 4:Are your cell phone millet mobile phone now? Compared with select the number of “NO”, have millet mobile phone of respondents is the third of the total. Although this number so small, but the millet mobile phone penetration rate still is thirty percent of the total. This means that each three people, it will be a person has millet mobile phone. When people buy millet phone, they will be concerned about what? Figure 5:What do you worry about when you buying millet phone? The same proportion people concern about the mobile phone operating system and the quality of products.

Millet company custom mobile operating system MILD Android, it is very attractive. Figure 6:The advantage of millet mobile phone Another characteristic Of mobile phone is cheap millet. According to the official website, the price of the millet mobile phone is anyway to nanny. Such a low price is not common in the mobile phone market. I think this is the biggest advantage of millet mobile phone. What is the market positioning of millet cell phone? How does millet mobile phones grab market share? First of all, we should understand what kind of products consumer needs.

Figure 7:Can accept the price of mobile phones Most consumers can accept the price of mobile phone is 1 000 to RHOMB, and millet mobile phone pricing in this range. Millet mobile phone price is reasonable, it can well meet the requirements of most customers. Figure 8:Purchase channels of mobile phones About mobile phone purchase channels, the biggest difference between millet mobile phone and other mobile phones is millet mobile phone don’t have entity shop. This represents the millet mobile phone didn’t have enough sales chant Nell.

This kind of situation will affect the millet mobile phone sales? Figure 9:Recently, you purchased a millet mobile phone? There are more than half of the consumers not since the sales channels and reduce the enthusiasm of millet mobile phone. While consumers can accept online purchase, but how do they treat this form about competition to buy? Figure 10:How do you see competition to buy? There are 52. 12% of the respondents to accept this kind of purchase, but don’t agree with 47. 87%. The views of the respondents choose ‘B” can t be ignored.

They are potential customers of millet, their reasonable suggestions can help to millet company. According to the data, make a SOOT analysis of millet mobile phone. Table 1 . SOOT analysis of millet mobile phone Strength . The price is low 2. High cost performance 3. Novel design Weakness 1. Poor heat dissipation 2. It is difficult to buy Opportunity 1. Huge mobile phone market 2. The improvement of industry technology 3. Support domestic goods The retreat 1 . .More competitors, more intense competition 2. .Changing customer base properties 3. Industry growth slowdown V .

Conclusions and recommendations According to Jiao Jigging(2012)The development of millet mobile phone very well, because millet phone product promotion party, pre-warm-up time long enough to obtain a sufficiently high degree of concern, which is based on the typical Apple marketing routine. Objectively speaking, regardless of the appearance and the operating system, millet is in copy Phone. Of course, millet can be accepted by Chinese consumers, also because Of its innovation. Millet phone product attributes targeted at mobile phone enthusiasts, the core selling high configuration and hardware integration.

The research and development of products with a “fever” mode of user participation, it really is a brand new product. Accurate market positioning and repeatedly out of stock registered user special purchase quickly to gain greater market share. Millet mobile phone pricing based on the price elasticity of demand, that is to understand the market demand response to price changes. The retail price of 1999 Yuan, to want to buy high intelligent mobile phone in the low-end consumers, IS a tempting. After the release of new products, old products prices dropped to 1499 Yuan, this is incredible.

So compared with apple, Samsung mobile phone, millet mobile phone price just easy to be acceptable to the customer. The main sales channels of millet mobile phone is Millet’s official website, the second is the blob marketing. The website will release the new product news in the first time, the customers of like millet mobile phone ill exchange information in blob. This approach has accumulated reputation for millet mobile phone. Online sales also has disadvantages. According to Ghana Gauges(2013)With high configuration and low price of market strategy, millet mobile phone quickly opened the domestic Smartened market, sales rise quickly.

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