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Cricket is the most popular sport in India and is considered an important aspect of Indian culture. Despite controversies, cricket remains the most watched and celebrated sport in the country. The sport has overshadowed other sports like hockey, which is the national game of India but has lower popularity. Cricket has been able to bring many awards for India, and its players like Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, and Tendulkar are household names. The popularity of cricket is due to various reasons like discipline, dress sense of players, its unpredictable nature, and excitement. However, the government, media, and corporate sector have played a significant role in promoting cricket, while other sports lack support and coverage. To improve the situation, there is a need for immediate rectification in current sports policies, and the corporate sector and media should come forward to promote and sponsor other sports.

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Cricket-crazy Indians accept heroes in the field as their function theoretical accounts. They spend hours in forepart of Television to enjoy cricket lucifer and gustatory sensation chiropteran and ball on roadside or here and at that place. wherever possible. Though. there have been many contentions yet the popularity of cricket has remained integral. Cricket lucifers are still something like expansive banquets to eyes and head. We can non divide ourselves from cricket.

Sports were before linked to good wellness because love for a game clearly means playing that game. Now in the changed scenario. athleticss are associated with glamor and commercial Prospects attached with them. Cricket is doubtless the most popular game in India. Extravaganzas created by this athletics overshadow other athleticss in India. Hockey is the national game of India but it occupies a lower place on the popularity graduated table. whereas cricket is at the zenith.

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An impartial survey of the popularity of cricket reveals many exciting facts. Peoples try to tie in themselves with the games and athleticss which bring award for India. Equally far as cricket is concerned. it has been able to convey many awards for our state. When India won Cricket World Cup in 1983. every Indian became familiar with Kapil Dev ( who was the captain of Indian Cricket Team in 1983 ) . Who does non cognize Gavasakar and Tendulkar? But Hockey fables are non on the lips of multitudes despite their magnetic enterprises for raising the caput of state high. This is the brief image of attractive force for cricket.

In the age of commercialisation and stiff competition. boosters look everything from the concern point of position. What is more. athleticss heroes who are function theoretical accounts for 1000000s of immature people advertise the merchandises of their booster companies. Companies put their bets merely with those games which have howling popularity. The authorities is non an exclusion to this tendency. It besides promotes the athleticss which have singular clasp in public. In a democracy like ours the authorities tries its best to carry through the wants of the multitudes.

Cricket has some notable virtuousnesss besides. Its wider gear pull the attending of even wider audience. Discipline. frock sense of participants. its unpredictable nature and exhilaration are such that other games are suppressed. Other athleticss. peculiarly in India. do non hold such boosters and witnesss. During cricket drama media. both electronic and print. observe the juncture for their commercial intents. Media. populace. authorities. companies and bequest of the British are some of the factors responsible for this popularity.

If given half a opportunity. so many of tribal young persons can turn into possible universe title-holders in archery while kids of fisher-folk can be the future title-holders in water sports. Cricket is non entirely responsible behind the disintegrating popularity of other games. If some athleticss do non acquire equal coverage. cricket should non be blamed. Raising finger against one athletics will non be good for other athleticss.

Our present athleticss policies are wholly responsible for this province of personal businesss and need immediate rectification. In add-on. corporate sector and media excessively have their functions in the popularity of cricket. The corporate sector should come frontward and offer sponsorship to other games. Media should give coverage to other games excessively. Then merely other athleticss which are dawdling behind will derive popularity.

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