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The Value of A Life

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The life given by god has a very special meaning a value in which people sometimes forget to thank or either regret. Many students/adults believe that they are going to be popular if they have money and a good job buy forget that people are influenced by those who have learned something.

Also a lot fail to remember, to earn value you must earn it. In today’s economy the government creates a value on the person by looking at the position they are held for.

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The Value of A Life
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If you look at it from the society’s point of view they believe people should be given value according to what they do and what position they are.From an individual’s perspective they judge themselves on what they accomplish and achieve.

The value of the individual would be determined by what he contributed and achieved. Society should place a value on a persons life by what they have achieved, accomplished and how they have contributed to the overall world not place values from what occupation they hold.

How does a soldier distinguish themselves from those who are billionaires?. The difference between a soldier and a billionaire would be that one would give his soul for his country and the other would take someones life for money.

Society would consider a billionaires value to be more than a soldiers just because they are worth more. What the society does not look at is who does more work . For instance, Soldiers are those who give their lives to protect and billionaires are just billionaires who may have people working under him but gets all the credit. If society was to use emotions at what the person did then off course they would know that he soldier does more work even though he is not a billionaire.

Even though the soldiers do not make as much as billionaires they are still to this day willing to put in their effort by helping out the country.In reality soldiers die working hard therefore, value should be set emotionally and not just how many years they served but also how they risked their live. Each individual has their own perspective on how they want their life to be. As Steve Jobs mentioned in his inaugural speech “ Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice”(89).

The meaning of this quote is just do what you love and do not let anyone else tell you what to do. In life you just have to be your own self and believe that you can and will achieve.Your life will only be worth it if you actually accomplish something you wanted to do not what others want you to do. Several high school students tend to find a job while attending school and stay with it for the rest of their life.

However, what they do not realize is that they are missing out on what they actually wanted to do in life not make money with the job they hate doing. The value of life has to be interpreted throughout high school as well as college because if you do not figure it out then you will end up doing something you will regret in the future.In many cases the society would make their decision based on what the person did and who the person was. For example, in the late 18th-19th century when there was slavery the people made their decision based on who had the most money not the one who worked.

If you look at it today it is kind of similar because say a teacher gets injured and a professional athlete the value would be based on who is worth more and who has fame. Now if you look at workwise the teachers are the ones who encourage those professional stars who shoot for the dreams.For this instance the professional star would get more insurance money just because he is worth more to the economy. In these type of case the society should plan their decision based on emotions and statistics.

Even though teachers are the one who create minor differences they still get paid very low when they should be getting pay a very good amount. From the article What is The Value Of A Human Life ? one of the spouses of a Firemen asked “Mr. Feinberg, my husband was a fireman and died a hero at the World Trade Center.Why are you giving me less money than the banker who represented Enron? Why are you demeaning the memory of my husband? ”(84).

In the cases of the New York bombing some of the compensation funds were not fair to some such as one of the spouses. From this article she talked about how it was not fair for her husband not to get the same funding or more then the banker who worked at the bank in Twin Towers. If the society was to make emotional appeals and looked at it distinctively the firefighter risked his own life to save someones else’s.Many of the times societies will make their choices of those that did not really contribute but just work.

If they had compared the two individuals the banker did not at all contribute in any ways as the firefighter did. God created everyone equally in the same way and everyone thinks alike but it just depends on how you expand your brain. Human Beings were born to this planet with one reason and that was to create their value with their positive and negative moments. Many of the people who become billionaires almost never graduate fully it takes many steps to accomplish what they want.

As some may believe if they fail there is no other way but what they do not realize is that after every failure there is a correction to it. The way Steve Jobs was finally known was because of those failures he went through and what he had to overcome. As he states “ If i had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts”(87). Even the famous people had to go through many phases of education to actually know the true meaning of life.

The challenges people have to face are the only way they will get past their mistake and find out what they hold in life. In the article What is The Value Of A Human Life? by Kenneth Feinberg he argues “I hope the law will declare that all life should be treated the same”(85). From his point the value of the individual would be determined by what the person contributed and achieved. Even Kenneth himself felt bad for those who only got a minimum amount of money back.

Feinberg expresses his tone feeling desperate and wanting to help out those people .Although he could not offer them money because he was only the person who specialized in an alternate resolution. Many people in the world contribute to the world somehow but do not get back in any way possible which is unfair. Those that only play sports or are celebrities would even get more back due to the fame they possess.

There is a way in which the society can be fair and also still decide from their own rules. One of them would be that they look more into what the person did and not just what they contributed. In many ways as possible the government can use more of the emotional appeals and decide what is fair.Additionally, there are many families who have been through a big change with losing their father, or husband and have not gotten back a lot.

The person values his life according to whatever their value is or what they believe himself to be. For example, an owner of a slave owner may believe that the slave has no value but the slave himself/herself tends to believe he is worth a lot. Even though they were punished they knew that without them their owners were no where without them. Society should place monetary values but to a limit where they decide to a point where the individual is examined carefully and economically.

One of major ways Steve Jobs was able to figure out his value of life was when he was diagnosed with cancer. In his speech he discussed “About a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a scan at 7:30 in the morning, and it clearly showed a tumor on my pancreas”(88). At this moment Jobs knew that he had less than 6 months to live so he had to quickly make his decisions for his life and family.

The moment he started to change himself he learned how to make decisions which were wisely chosen but in a rush.However, From those quick decisions he was able to become successful in his life and able to make money at a young age. After a couple of months he had his results for his biopsy saying that there was a cure for his rare disease which made him excited. Throughout the cancer he had, Steve jobs had learned to quickly decide what were good and what were bad choices.

People tend to believe that death is your worst enemy although scary as it may seem it is the only solution which can help you make decisions and change your concept of valuing life(Jobs 87).Society can take many steps towards creating a fair resolution for those loved ones and make plans wisely. The concept of life can change by the person believing in him or herself that they can accomplish anything they want or shoot for it. Many people try and give up right after the first attempt.

What many do not realize is that whatever hurts them will only make them stronger. Peoples value can be determined by the amount of work contributed and what they did for the people or economy.At times, society should place monetary values on people but to a certain amount to where the person is not treated unequally but equally to the other person. Using more tools and statistics on what the person contributed can provide a better value of the person not just judging from what position they possessed.

Each individual has a right to know their value according to their own concept and therefore they should be the ones who decide their values. If the society did say place values in the future it would be best for them to look at more information to determine the value.

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