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Veganism is Actually Helpful to the Environment

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  • Pages 2
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    Vegan is a word used to describe a specific diet where you only eat things that are only natural and from the environment or plant based and this diet is a very interesting one because it shows how tough people can be to not eat meat. Sometimes people are born into families that follow this and other times they just become vegan on their own. This Diet has some things to it that may make it harmful to the people having a part in it.

    The diet is very low in protein and this is not good for some people who can’t afford things like protein shakes and powders to eat or drink. It is healthy and has good benefits because of the only plant based diet and as we all know vegetables and fruits are very healthy and although meats do have proteins they also are very high in fat and sodium and this can be very unhealthy if eaten extensively and some vegans just become vegan just to put off weight.

    Most of the time people have this diet for many reasons such as trying to end the farming and stop buying and eating them so the companies go out of business and they just dont think its right that people would raise and kill animals just so you can have your bacon, another reason being that they just want to stay healthy and make their life longer and better, the third reason is that it is part of the religion some religions such as buddhism and other religions have veganism as one of its laws or rules and people will follow this so they please their god, the last reason is the simplest they just don’t want or like the taste of meat which is kinda crazy because like steak.

    Some families, like I stated in the beginning are born into this culture starting from their parents and now have to follow this strict diet now in some cases it’s built into the religion so if the child wants to eat meat they cant and this is unfair to the kid because they can not choose how they want to eat. One reason that I would like to go more in depth on is the animals being killed and farmed for food the vegans think these animals are suffering and they don’t want the animals to go through this so that is why the usually would do this and some vegans also don’t want climate change to happen and they don’t just go natural with food they also use soaps and other things made with only natural items and plants. In conclusion veganism is actually helpful to the environment and animals and it is a very positive diet that really makes a difference.

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